wonders of Antioxidants

Why aging body? One reason is the free radical, a chemical that can damage vital substances in the body. Apart from the environment (air pollution, radiation, sunlight), free radicals are also produced by the body as a byproduct of normal metabolism of the body or due to illness, injury, or excessive exercise. Free radicals can damage cell membranes and disrupt the genetic composition of cells that can cause a variety of diseases and bodily functions decline in old age such as cancer, coronary heart disease, cataracts, memory loss, digestive disorders, and skin wrinkles.

To prevent damage to the body caused by free radicals, we need antioxidants. These substances prevent the formation of free radicals and convert free radicals into compounds “benign” (more stable and not easy to damage the body). There are two kinds of antioxidants, which can be made by the body itself (eg enzymes) and from outside the body (eg, vitamins A, E and C and selenium).

Why middle age need antioxidants?

Organ function and antioxidant production decreases at middle age
Damage the body’s cells from free radicals more and more as we age.
From which source?

Vitamin A: liver, eggs, milk, cheese, carrots, spinach, mango, etc.
Vitamin E: vegetable oils, nuts, broccoli, etc.
Vitamin C: oranges, lemons, strawberries, broccoli, spinach, etc.
Selenium: liver, canned tuna, cod, chicken, etc.