Window Treatment Tricks for Any Window

Did you know you can do amazing things with window treatments to make a window look wider, taller or shorter than it really is?

I didn’t.

Did you know there is a way to make a large window blend into the rest of the room so it will be less distracting?

I didn’t either, until I learned these wonderful window changing window treatment tricks that we all can use in any room of our homes.

The fun part about this is, these window treatments have been used by designer’s for years. Now you can too.

It’s easy to change the look and feel of any room by applying these simple frugal design window treatments. Ready to get started?

Do you need to make your window look smaller?

Cover the top 1/4 to 1/3 of the window with a valance. Install the valance slightly above the window frame so the frame is hidden and then add your curtains. 1/3rd of your window will be covered by a stationary valance, which makes the window appear smaller.

Need to make your window look taller?

Attach your curtain rod close to the ceiling above the window, then hang the drapes from ceiling to floor. Or, hang the rod above the window frame higher than normal and use a valance to cover the wall above the window.

Need a Wider Window?

Attach curtain rods that measure beyond the window frame. Next, hang the curtains so the inside edge is flush with the window frame.

The extended rod and curtain, though it gives the appearance of covering more window is really covering the wall.

Is Your Window Off Center?

Gather your curtain on one side of the window only instead of the more traditional method of framing the window with fabric on both sides. The mass of curtain that is gathered only on one side will balance out the imbalance of the window itself. This will also add an elegant look to the window.

Is The Window So Big In The Room It Draws All The Attention?

Make or purchase window treatments that are the same color as the wall. This will soften and meld the window into the room.

Keep them closed to draw attention to another feature in the room. Open them partially for controlled light and accent.

Planning on selling your home. These faux window tricks work great to present the appearance of a designed or larger window.


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