Why the Netbook Compaq CQ10-500?

If the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab appeared on the market, there are many people who like to own, but it is sufficient to cover the cost of buying them to find out of their league. If you happen to be one of these people, but want to stay connected when you’re away from home, then there are many good quality netbooks available that cost much less than the Samsung Galaxy Tab or iPad. Whatever you want to seriously consider buying Compaq CQ10-500 netbook is.
Although it may be small, it has wonderful features that we take a look below and stay in touch and do not show a problem, no matter where you are. So what are the features of this netbook are maybe you are serious about buying one?
Feature 1 – As I may be small, but it really is the perfect travel companion that lets you surf the web and keep you entertained anytime, anywhere possible. The screen measures 10.1 inches (25.7cm) diagonal screen and keyboard, it is easy to use, since it only makes 7% less than a full-size keyboard. In addition, it comes with built-in wireless LAN.
Feature 2 – also allows you to hear the wonderful music for its digital audio and watch videos of this beautiful netbook comes with such a built-in web cam. This means that you can keep in touch with friends and family no matter where you or they are.
Feature 3 – Besides being one of the smallest netbook Compaq CQ10-500 is also one of the easiest but its batteries have enough power, so they used the whole day. The case itself is less than 3 cm thin and weighs only 1.13 kg, to put it in your backpack or briefcase does not show a problem.
Function 4 – What now awaits the latest versions of this Netbook with the latest Microsoft operating system pre-installed. Windows 7 is to use not only versatile but also very easy. Any program that you use frequently, can easily be accessed by clicking the appropriate icon appears on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. Once you click it, you’ll find that they. You instant access to not only the Internet, but all the documents that you are working
Certainly if you are someone who travels regularly and we want to be able to have immediate access to a variety of different applications that have a Compaq CQ10-500, a netbook is worth considering.