Weird House Architecture Designs

Most people want to own big, beautiful and stylish houses. Therefore, we are often interested in nice mansions which are professionally designed but do not pay much attention to normal and simple houses standing on our ways to school, work office or market. Some of the following houses may be built in strange ways, which make people burst into a laugh. An antenna is placed on the roof of a toilet, only one small roof need to be propped up with three pillars, a tree becomes one part of the house, and a house is built without a door, and so on. Let’s look at these architectures in the following photos below to have fun


The antenna is set on the roof of a toilet. Where is the television?


Only one roof needs to be propped up with three pillars


Need more space for living? Hire extreme and fearless contractors


Do you think the tree has appeared first or the house?


Is this a chimney or a water-pipe???


Do you want to enter the house? Let’s climb through the window


Do you dare to have a pee in front of many hand-washing people?


The colors are mixed so carefully


A public restroom


There are many different kinds of stairway. But this may be the most original one in the world


This one can not be called a house any more


Is this a new form of pillar?


People now can witness the arrival of Electric Spaghetti Monster


The design is too hard for people to understand



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