Vulnerable Skin Fungus Often Should Swim?

Skin diseases can not be hidden and do not know the age. Therefore adults and children can be affected by this disease. Skin diseases can cause people to be inferior.

Fungal diseases can be transmitted through water. However, the possibility of contracting can be minimized by flushing the body with water after each swim. In addition, skin diseases triggered by swimming is tinea versicolor (white spots on the skin). belong to the group of eczema. Research shows that this skin fungus disease often occurs in atopic people (someone with sensitive skin). It can be caused by contact with chlorine chlorine, or excessive exposure to sunlight.

By rinsing after swimming body, viruses and bacteria that may still be attached to the body lost to the rinse water. Infections of the skin can be caused by fungi (mold) and candida (yeast). Infection caused by a fungus called martomikosis, whereas infections caused by Candida is referred to as candidiasis. Skin diseases are relatively more common in the infants candidiasis, tinea or tinea versicolor while common in older children. Transmission of the disease can be minimized to reduce the infectivity for excessive humidity, especially in children and infants who are obese. How the child should be wiped until dry, even in the folds of her body.

Most sources of infection are derived from the mother at birth. Early exposure will cause infection in the mouth. Whereas infection at age as flora imbalance caused atibiotik or steroid treatment, one of the substances in asthma medication that is too excessive and uncontrolled.

The assumption that the skin disease only occurs in the lower classes is extremely inappropriate. Skin disease knows no economic group. Comparison class evenly. To minimize the infected skin, look to always keep the skin to remain hygienic. All the factors that facilitate fungal infection should be addressed. You also need to choose a fabric that absorbs sweat. Do not consume excessive antibiotics.