Vegetables and Fruit Now, nutritional Lower

Vegetables and fruits, which are included in the 10 best food, produced at this time, compared to fruits and vegetables 50 years ago, is estimated to contain fewer nutrients, including also lower in protein, calcium and vitamin C. This may be one reason why today people need to take more vegetables and fruits to meet the body’s nutritional adequacy.

The cause of the decline in the nutritional value of this fruit can be caused by various things. One reason is that farmers now prefer to choose seeds that can give a lot of results, rather than results, but with a little better quality.

Each plant requires energy to be used with a fixed amount of energy. Seed plants that produce results that require much less energy to take minerals from the soil and transported to all parts of the plant to be processed into amino acids (building blocks of protein) and vitamins. This is why minerals and other nutrients, are also less common in fruits and vegetables today.

Research conducted by American and British researchers was conducted by comparing the plant in 1950 and 1999. The research was conducted by comparing the nutritional value of the existing 13 to 39 plants, three pieces of melon and strawberry.

The result is a decline in the number of nutrients vary from, for example, the protein decreased by 6%, while the riboflavin (vitamin B) decreased by 38%. In addition, some plants had the biggest decline in protein such as tomatoes and celery. While the eggplant and tomatoes, the biggest decline for vitamin C.