Top Reasons For Sharing Your Videos On Social Media

Gone are the days when a video had to be physically delivered on a flash drive to be transferred to someone else’s computer or when the video size had to be compressed to be sent in an email. Internet and most importantly social media now have entirely changed the way we share information. Often those who are new to social networking question the need to share videos on social media. If that’s the case with you too, read on to be convinced of the advantages of video-sharing.

Sharing in Real Time

Social media has made it possible for information to be shared in real time. Nowadays, you do not need to keep tabs on the time for a news bulletin. The live feed on the social networking sites you are on inform you minute-by-minute account of happenings across the globe.

Now, you do not need to sit in your room watching the video of the surprise birthday party you arranged for your best friend, and wish everyone at the party was there with you to comment on the video. You can simply share the video on your social networking profile and arrange for it to appear in the news feeds of your friends. This would not only enable them to watch the video, but also to voice their opinions about it through comments.

More Chances of Video to go Viral

A decade ago, place for a social media strategist did not exist in the corporate world. This has been changed after the advent of social media, and its popularity. Marketing strategists now use such platforms to not only share their television commercials, but also to display unofficial product videos. This is because marketing strategists are well aware of the vast outreach of social networks and their chances to go viral, if shared on social media. Whether it’s a video about @KhloeKardashian or @Kendall, if it is not uploaded on a social networking website, chances are, the hype that was supposed to be created by them may disappear like foam in a matter of hours.

Social media not only helps you with your corporate agenda, but also supports your social agenda. Whatever you share is a reflection of who you are, and your friends are likely to trust your opinion, which you tend to explicitly state on your digital profiles, while sharing information.