Things to expect from Cox

Cox High Speed Internet service fastest was like being in the nation recognized by PC. This ultra-fast high-speed Internet will certainly provide the user with the same ease of browsing online. This is something that DSL can not beat. Cox also offers plans that are specifically designed for multiple devices are connected to the Internet to help you in your home or office at the same time. In addition to the award-winning speed, Cox can surf safely and online sports coverage form.

High Speed Internet for your home

Service plans Cox Internet services at different speeds and prices. It is a plan for each person according to their needs. Your online needs are very simple, such as checking e-mails or if you use your connection to download or play HD movies, there is a plan that can offer your individual requirements. Browsing online for the casual player, you may have a plan, a speed of 3 Mbps download. A plan was put in place to 15Mbps is ideal for uploading and downloading large files such as photos and music. If you want to enjoy watching movies online full length, online games, there is also a plan for the elimination of up to 28Mbps download speed. Another plan, which is ideal to 30Mbps speed for those whose life seems to revolve online. With this plan, users can about everything and everything is easier, faster and more exciting.

Online Safety

There are many online dangers that lurk on potential prey. Sex offenders on fraud, there are many risks that threaten online. This is what is sent to Cox cable Internet service capable of. Cox customers have the assurance that their computer units are driven safely by Cox Security Suite, McAfee said. This new service provides proactive protection for users and their families. The service includes antivirus, anti-spyware and anti-phishing. This comes with parental control, firewall and identity protection. Parents know a lot more comfortable, they take parental controls can restrict access to certain sites and images on the number of hours that can be used in the Internet claim. Similarly, parents’ access to their children’s browsing history, including the files they have downloaded and viewed.

ESPN3 access

If you take Cox Internet services when you can also access for free. This allows you to enjoy watching the live broadcast of the university to take the ball games and major professional leagues. Tennis match and international football are also available for viewing. In fact, you can over 3,500 games per year, plus the chance to see see five live streams simultaneously.