Maybe you often read or hear the words “I Do not Like Monday”. It could be that the real purpose of the phrase is, I feel like getting out early in the day. Indeed, to ward off sleepiness when you wake up in the morning is not easy. Especially at night, you’ve just slept a little late after a walk with the family or work done for the next day.

To overcome this it is actually very easy. The way to minimize the activity as much as possible at night so as not to feel tired in the morning so that when I wake drowsiness can be quickly lost. There are also other ways that do their morning routine that keeps the body fresh so you better spirit in the morning.

Not only that, reported by Reader’s Digest, there are other things that can become a habit in the morning so that the body feels fresh and not drowsy when leaving for work.

1. Open window blinds
When you want to sleep at night, let the curtains half-open window. Thus, as the sun rises in the morning, the light will hit you, and sends a signal to the brain to slow down the production of melatonin and increases the production of adrenaline. Thus, it becomes a signal that it is time for you to wake up.

Good again, when the alarm goes off, you have to be in a state of half awake alias was half conscious of waking up. For that, go to sleep early so that when you wake in the morning sunlight, sleep time you have reached seven hours as recommended. If you can maintain this routine, your biological clock may work better than an alarm clock.

2. Set the alarm 15 minutes early
This way, you do not need to rush out of bed due to a late start the routine of waking up in the morning and can move slowly. It is important to make you ready physically and mentally through the day.

3. Stretching the body, opening his eyes
Try to stretch for 15 minutes in bed before you even open your eyes. Lift your arms and start to stretch your fingers, hand, wrist, and arm. Then move on to other body parts such as fingers, feet, ankles, and feet.

Finish by stretching the neck and back that drive you get out of bed. It can stretch the muscles and joints and improve blood flow throughout the body so that all body tissues receive oxygen and ready to build.

4. Consumption of vitamin A
Drinking vitamin A can make you more excited and full of energy through the day. In addition, vitamin A is also good for eye health and eyesight sharp.

5. Prepare for your purposes since the night
In order for you more relaxed morning, prepare and decide everything you need in one morning from the night. As an example of what clothes you wear, what breakfast, which route would you take to go to work, and so on. So in the morning, you do not think it’s all so stressful morale and get up early so inhibited.

6. Drinking Coffee
Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that stimulates the central nervous system amphetamine, wake you up and increase muscle activity. One study even found that caffeine can increase happiness, tranquility, and more alert.