Seven Tips for a Healthy Computer

Decatur, Georgia and ndash, that we are part of a small business, a multinational, or just trying to find a recipe online at home, we seem to stay for hours to andlsquo attachment; issuesandrsquo and andlsquo, conflictsandrsquo on our computers that we do not work . For home users is only an inconvenience, but a business, it can lose up to tens of thousands of dollars in decreased productivity or repairs.

Although the idea to try to andlsquo; fixandrsquo, a computer would cause a cold sweat in most of us, it is in fact very simple things that could prevent even the timid technophile, what the majority of our office woes.
andldquo, malware, identity theft, viruses, spyware, and for about 80% of all computer problems andrdquo downtime; shows IT guru Chip Reaves. andldquo, estimated that lost productivity costs due to these alone has about $ 50 billion, and the associated IT costs of dealing with it exploded from $ 20 billion to $ 198 billion in the past five years.andrdquo;
It’s lost a lot of money and time off from work. But Reaves, National Director of Computer Troubleshooters, says there are some simple tips that every andndash, businesses and individual computer users could join as well andndash to keep our computer (and your wallet) in the form.
1 Material Alt. andldquo studies have shown that the likelihood of physical problems with computer equipment increased significantly after 24 to 36 months, andrdquo, said Reaves. andldquo; Consider replacing computer systems every three years andndash considering how inexpensive computers have become a major repair bill could easily cost more than buying a whole new system.andrdquo;
2 Electrical protection. andldquo, surges and power drops can cause data loss and are always damaging to sensitive components, which reduces their life. Most people use surge protection, but that number donandrsquo, do not know is that the overvoltage protection fades over time. To ensure a better protection that surge protection is replaced for all your computer equipment every 2-3 years. andldquo;
3 software illegally. andldquo; Many companies realize they donandrsquo t donandrsquo; andlsquo t; ownandrsquo; software licenses only for use on a series of PCandrsquo, see Manyt software automatically report their consumption over the Internet, as well as violation of license letters and audits of software manufacturers for companies to rise.andrdquo;
4 Training. andldquo, based on money training your staff might sound like a waste, but most employees comprise less than 20% of the software they use. The gain in productivity far outweighs the training costs.andrdquo;
5 Firewall and security. andldquo, the internet is full of hackers, try the regular computer access for malicious purposes. If they are in (either directly or with the help of exploits malware or viruses) the list of problems that can cause it, is quite large, including the theft of customer data, and deleting files or important data. Itandrsquo, make sure that all the computers in your organization are updated with the latest security patches from Microsoft or Apple, and that firewalls installed and maintained properly.andrdquo;
6 The data backup. andldquo; This is so obvious but most companies fail to keep 100% of their important data backed andndash 100% of the time, there are often gaps in whatandrsquo where s are discovered up, if secured itandrsquo, too late. The consequences of data loss, a company can put in place prior to bankruptcy, and recovering data is terrible expensive.andrdquo;
7 spam, viruses and spyware. andldquo are 80% of all Troubleshootersandrsquo computer service calls in the world, people who have problems directly to these questions. You should consider a good protection against viruses, spam filters and anti-spyware as binding, if you want a trouble-free computer.andrdquo;
With a small amount of common sense, weekly maintenance (many of which we can set our computers to do themselves) and some small financial outlay we can have a much more difficult have no day of work and spend much less on human-computer repair. This allows us more andlsquo; upandrsquo, the time to complete our work and give us the opportunity to improve, the infinite possibilities of different technologies that can help us grow our business and our lives can explore. Now, s technology thatandrsquo in action.