Bad mood alias mood certainly was not well experienced by everyone. If it is so, usually a bad mood instantly search for something to make them feel comfortable. One of them might be the food. But unfortunately, when bad moods strike, they do not care about the selected food is healthy or not.

Because the most important thing for them is to feel comfortable with delicious food. The food could be fried chicken, potato chips, and chocolate. When people are in a bad mood they will not passionate about food with a casual look, for that they generally look for fast food or the packaging catches the eye.

It’s bad for our health. But not to worry, eat cuisine that draws the eye to feel comfortable when bad moods can be done by looking for foods that are low in fat and healthy. What foods is it? The following explanation reported by Boldsky.

1. Cheese
The cheese is a healthy food options suitable consumed when depressed. In addition to cheese, milk is rich in protein and calcium are also good to induce a sense of comfort. Milk and cheese are filling the stomach, but healthy.

2. Dark chocolate
Foods derived from the seeds of the cacao tree is known to have a calming effect on the nerves. Make sure you eat a sweet cocoa. But not just any chocolate, dark chocolate should be. This is because dark chocolate makes us calm, but do not make fat.

3. Smoked chicken
Maybe when you’re in a bad mood, we’ll roast the chicken yourself lazy. But there may be a few pieces of smoked chicken that you store in the refrigerator. Snack of smoked chicken is better than fried chicken.

4. Fruit Smoothies
If you think eating ice cream can make a good mood, it is true. But do not get hooked. Because ice cream can make you fat. For that, akali with ice smoothie. Fruit smoothies are easy to make, cool and soft. Of course, do not add sugar in a smoothie.

5. Baked potato
Perhaps it is not as good as a baked potato fries were greasy. But, baked potatoes can make you feel better. In addition, the fat content in baked potato was not as bad as the greasy fries.

6. Popcorn
Popcorn is a very healthy snack when prepared without butter because it is rich in fiber. Eat popcorn or popcorn can make a bad mood when feeling better. For flavor, sprinkle a little salt.

7. Dried fruit without salt
Do not eat fried and salted cashew nuts every time you want to chew on something. Choose natural dried fruits include almond and apricot.