Pros and cons of drinking coffee

Coffee can be a healthful beverage, but also deadly for some people. Following this, Care2 also share the pros and cons of drinking coffee. Listen more.


The risk of diabetes. A study in 2005 stated that drinking four to six cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of diabetes by 30 percent. Whether it’s caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee, the effect is the same.
Free radicals. Did you know that coffee beans contain more than 1,000 nutritious antioxidants which fight free radicals that enter the body. So diligent able to keep your coffee from a variety of diseases.
Cognitive abilities. Researchers report in the morning coffee drinkers have a better performance in absorbing information and learning than those who did not. Drinking coffee every day also is said to maintain cognitive abilities with age.


Osteoporosis. It is true that coffee can lead to thinning of calcium. So drinking too much coffee can cause osteoporosis. If you want to compensate for calcium intake with coffee consumption, add one tablespoon of milk or yogurt to your morning cup of coffee.
Wrinkles. Although it has antioxidants, coffee can also cause wrinkles if you eat too much. Because coffee causes dehydration so that the skin will wrinkle easily. So do not be lazy to drink water as much as possible if you are a coffee lover.
Create fat. Caffeine indirectly affects blood sugar levels. So that blood sugar imbalance triggers the desire to snack. That’s why why coffee is often paired with sweet snacks like cookies or donuts. If socialized, within a short time you will quickly fat.
Pesticides. Conventional coffee plant is not free from pesticides to repel pests that attack. To avoid the adverse effects of pesticides, make sure you drink coffee from organic coffee plants.

Those are some of the pros and cons of drinking coffee. Still likes to drink this one or not?