Nokia N8, Smartphone Nan Advanced Digital Cameras Simultaneously

If asked, what is the factor that most distinguishes the quality of a digital camera? I usually reply brief: the size of the sensor. The larger sensor size are what make the images SLR camera better than a pocket camera. And among fellow-SLR camera even bigger size of the sensor the better the image quality it produces (and the more expensive price). Large sensors absorb more light, so you get a more detailed picture, the color is “out” as well as more resistant to low-light conditions.
Unfortunately, I will not talk about the camera spesifisik in this article, I want to introduce a smartphone. But do not worry, I want to introduce smartphone is a smartphone that I think is designed from nature to indulge your photography hobby.
Recently launched Nokia N8, the latest smartphone generation of hers. With a handsome design and the reputation of a resilient mobile phones Nokia, the N8 has all the features that make it deserve to be called a smartphone upscale. Look at the row of its features: from Facebook, Twitter (and all social networks you know), the quality of High-Def Videos, Maps Navigation, MP3 Player, Browser, Email … plus you can download thousands of other applications to fit your needs from OVI Store. Whatever your expectations on a smartphone I think it will be fulfilled. But the last of a series of privileges, the most appealing to me is the ability to photograph. Why? Let us explore ..

Nokia N8 is equipped with the largest camera sensor size in class mobile / smartphone (even larger than the size of the sensor several pocket digital camera), so it supports my argument above. The camera also has a high resolution, 12-megapixel camera, so you can print your photos for a wall poster. Large sensor was still combined with quality autofocus lens from Carl-Zeiss, the leading manufacturer of optical lens design specifically for the Nokia N8. The camera on the N8 also features a mechanical shutter so the shutter time lag is relatively small, as well as Xenon flash lamps are mounted next to the lens. Without wishing to exaggerate, this is a phenomenal camera for a class of mobile phone / smartphone.
Unlike the camera phone / smartphone other produce seems unnatural photo, photos of N8 looks very natural, sharp and the colors are “out”. Besides, his picture has high detail, making it easy if you want to process it further with photoshop. Do not believe? see some samples below (not in the retouch at all):

The camera of Nokia N8 is equipped with a mechanical shutter button that works very well, when we pressed the shutter button halfway, we could lock both exposure and focus. This allows us to formulate the composition and framing. The performance of this camera lock focus in my opinion is also very fast when compared to a cell phone camera / other smartphones. When you take pictures at night, the Xenon flash lamp congenital help you illuminate objects up to a distance of 2 meters, enough to light up the face of your girlfriend is not it?
Meanwhile, if used as a video recorder, N8 is able to produce quality video in 720p 25 fps, quite competitive. Audio captured in stereo quality and reasonably clear, even when we recorded it in a noisy environment.
Overall, the Nokia N8 looks like it is designed to satisfy your photographic passion. I think personally, his ability as a digital camera is incredible in class mobile phone / smartphone, even with the N8 in hand, you can forget a pocket camera at all. So, if you’re looking for a top-tier smartphone that features a full, elegant yet durable, while you also love photography, the Nokia N8 worth you have!