Kiwi, the key to natural skin care

Having a beautiful skin that shines into every man’s dream. Well, a recent study revealed that eating at least three servings of fruits and vegetables every day – including carrots, cabbage and kiwi fruit – it can make the skin a healthy glow.

To prove it, a psychologist from the University of St Andrews analyze the impact of the consumption of fruits and vegetables on skin tone.

They calculated that the consumption of 2.9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day for six weeks can make skin tones look more healthy, while consumption of 3.3 servings will increase the attractiveness of the skin.

“We found that skin discoloration associated with consumption of fruits and vegetables that affect the health of the body,” said Dr. Ross Whitehead, who led the study

Carotenoids – nutrients that affect the color of the food, including carrots and sweet potatoes – are considered responsible for the color change effect on the skin. Carotenoids are also present in all layers of human skin. Carotenoids in the retina, for example, can protect the eyes.

Therefore, multiply the consumption of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables are good for the body. A healthy body can emit an awesome skin beauty.