Is it true that french fries actually healthy?

During these fries are always synonymous with fast food or junk food is not healthy. But a study shows that the fries actually has nutritional value.

“If the potatoes are fried in the right way then he has great nutritional value,” said Professor Vincenzo Fogliano, head of research

Fogliano and his colleague, Giuseppe Daddio, an Italian chef find this conclusion after examining the absorption of cooking oil when frying foods.

Eggplant, vegetable that looks healthy, it absorbs 30 percent oil. While the potatoes and pizza only absorbs five percent. Potato does not absorb much oil because it contains starch.

Starch is an important thing that can counteract the oil when fried. Indeed, it must be considered is when frying frozen foods or products that are available for instant fried. Because frozen and instant product absorbs oil like that very much.