Introducing NVIDIA Tegra processor and NVIDIA 4i Phoenix

NVIDIA has been renowned as one of the highly qualified manufacturers of processors for smartphones and tablets, especially the upper class. This time they present a family of four Tegra processor is more powerful and faster.

The processor formerly known as “Project Grey” is the total carrying 60 custom of NVIDIA GPU cores. R4 Cortex A9-based, has a quad-core Tegra 4i or four core plus one additional core NVDIA i500 4G LTE modem for connectivity.

Clock speed offered is also very high, making it the 2.3GHz fastest mobile processors on the market today. NVIDIA also introduced the NVIDIA Phoenix as the first smartphone brained collaboration with ARM NVDIA it.

Smartphones are designed with 8mm thinness has 5-inch screen – which also automatically put into the category phablet – Full HD. Phoenix will use NVIDIA NVIDIA Tegra 4i to demonstrate the reliability of the installed inside a smartphone.

Upcoming Mobile World Congress event will be used to introduce more NVDIA Tegra 4i to the public, including the vendors that they are keen to use these processors in smartphones and tablets the latest production in the future. One of them has been announced by the Chinese vendor, ZTE, which will launch a smartphone Tegra 4i air later this year. We look forward to it.