Information About The Tornado Vario Floor Machine

Tornado Industries is one of the leading manufacturers of floor equipment in the United States. Tornado produces a floor equipment line that includes auto scrubbers, floor burnishers, carpet extractors, floor machines, sweepers, steam cleaners and vacuums. They are the most well known for their durable and dependable floor machines. Thinking outside the box they have come up with unique ideas that get floors cleaner with less effort. The Vario floor machine is no exception, it breaks the boundaries of original thinking for floor machine technology. The Vario floor machine is unique in both design and the way it cleans floors. The Vario uses a state-of-the-art cylindrical brush system that uses rotating brushes to scrub the floor clean. The brushes can be interchanged with other brushes which are designed to clean certain types of floors. This machine is extremely light weight at only 58 pounds and can be transported in the trunk of a compact car. Unilke other floor equipment companies Tornado parts are easy to find and can be purchased at a local dealer or online. The best design feature about the Tornado Vario is that it is small in size yet does not lack power. The unit stands only 7 inches high enabling it to reach under low obstacles making it more efficient. The machines general purpose is just to scrub floors, it does not have any pickup capabilities but does have a solution tank that puts down solution. The Vario brushes spin at 650 RPMs and come in a variety of types. The types of Vario brushes are a firm scrub brush, soft scrub brush, grout cleaning brush, and a heavy-duty scrub brush. Each brush can be used with different types of surfaces such as concrete, ceramic tile and vinyl floors. The machine is unique in design with nothing else in the cleaning industry quite like it. Its ergonomic handle is easily adjusted to match the users height creating less fatigue and more productivity. The brush control handles can be used by either left or right hand making it easy to use for everyone. The solution tank capacity is 2.4 gallons which can easily clean at least 500 square feet. The solution tank can be easily filled by unscrewing a plug at the top of the unit making the tank fully accessible. The machine comes with two large wheels for easy transportation or for moving from job site to job site. The Vario can be operated in four different directions to get up close to baseboards and around objects. The brushes counter rotate for maximum cleaning and efficiency making this a unique product for cleaning floors. The unit runs on 120 Volts is outfitted with a 50 foot cord to allow you to go further without unplugging. Overall the BR Vario is an exceptional machine with an unlimited amount of jobs it can tackle. The unit can be found online or at retail stores and is priced around $1500. There is nothing else like it from any other cleaning equipment manufacturer in the United States. An added extra to the Vario is its environmental sustainability because it does not use costly floor pads.

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