How Unique Hair Care

Beauty is one thing that is always to be realized by women in every performance. Whatever the shape and character of the woman, they certainly can make herself beautiful for maintain comfort and be able to mix and match clothing and makeup she was wearing.

Not only women want to look beautiful, charming men want to perform in front of others. After all, who wants to be close to the man dressed in a mess and problems with body odor and disheveled appearance. That’s why any person would want to look as closely as possible to the appearance.

So many ways in which to make yourself beautiful or handsome. Not only through the help of salon and beauty experts, there are many ways that could be considered unique in taking care of your body parts. As quoted from eHow, here are a few unique tricks that maybe you can try at home.

Beer to increase hair volume
The content of yeast present in the beer was able to increase the volume of hair. If you’re curious, try to apply this way, by pouring beer after superbly given a shampoo and conditioning rinse. After that, let sit for three to five minutes. Do not forget to follow with a deep conditioner afterwards, then rinse thoroughly.

Soda for Curly Hair
Soda can be used not only as a beverage only, since this material can also be used as a substitute for hair styling products. Try entering a soda into a spray bottle. When the hair is half-dried, spray the soda into the hair. Do not use a comb to set it, trim it by hand with a little rolled, the hair to be more wavy and curly. The content of soda can make your hair a more textured look.

Spoon to curl eyelashes
Tapering eyelashes certainly looks beautiful, and you can tapering with a spoon. Just use your thumb and the edge of the spoon. The trick is to put the spoon just above the lash line, and then press the lashes to the top for a few seconds. Apparently Miranda Kerr, Victoria’s Secret model, also uses tricks to curl eyelashes.

Toothbrush to brush your lips
If your lips are dry and cracked, then try Overcome with a toothbrush. You do this by smearing the lips with petroleum jelly (Vaseline), then brush lips gently with a soft bristled toothbrush. This method can make lips softer, smoother, and free of cracks.

Interested to apply such a unique way? Please try.