How to reset the SLR camera to its default factory settings

If you are playing around with the settings and the LCD menu in your SLR camera, there is a chance you will mess up some important settings that actually makes the camera “acting” unusual.
You want to restore (reset) the camera settings back to the way it was when we bought it? Can. Because almost all SLR camera manufacturers provide features reset to factory default on any SLR camera them. This feature is only one function: to make all the settings that we have brain-tweaking again like new. Just like you restore yourself back into the mother’s womb, and be born again (okay, that was excessive ..).
Are there any disadvantages if we do this step? Yes, because the brain-tweaking we’ve tried it all go away. So it helps you record multiple settings and profile modifications you have made to your try again later (and do not get messed up again huh …)
I will describe how to reset the camera settings to the factory settings for Nikon and Canon SLR brands. For other brands sorry, I do not have a camera that can be tried …
Nikon SLR, there are 2 ways:
Click on Menu -> Shooting (the camera icon) -> then select Reset Shooting Menu
Click on Menu -> Custom Settings (pencil icon) -> choose Reset Custom Menu
or to:
Squeeze and press the same two buttons: Qual and + / – (exposure compensation), for three (3) seconds
SLR Canon:
Click on Menu -> select Set-Up 3 -> select Clear Settings
Easy is not it?