How to Prepare Infant Formula

For some reason, she can not breastfeed the child. Therefore, use milk instead of formula. Some way to know in preparing infant formula for your baby, especially for young mothers for the first time the child has:

Begin by washing hands before mothers make milk for your baby.
Then enter the warm water into a bottle of milk. Do not use boiling water or cold water.
Add milk into a bottle that has been filled with warm water following the dosage instructions on the user manual.
Put a ring and bottle caps, and turn until tightly sealed.
Open the bottle cap and insert the dot milk.
Do not touch the dot with a finger tip. Then attach the ring to the bottle and turn the meeting.
Check the temperature of the milk feeding and in the back of his hand. Milk should be warm, not hot.
Make milk for one time use only. If still remains, should be stored at room temperature / fridge, preferably no more than 1 hour.
Age Number of Number of Warm Water Spoon Frequency

0-7 days 2 60 ml 8 times
7-14 days 3 90 ml 7 times
1/2 – 1 month 4120 ml 6 times
1-2 months of 5150 ml 6 times
2-3 months of 6180 ml ??5 times
3 months of 7210 ml 5 times
Size tsp = 4.4 g; 1 liter = 135 g milk powder + 900 ml water

Use only the scoop that came in the box. If the milk powder which is mixed with more or less recommended, can cause dehydration or malnutrition baby. Do not change the composition of water and powdered milk are given without first consulting your doctor. Prepare only one bottle at a time. Follow the instructions as precisely as possible the presentation.