House Design for a Hot Climate

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from © When building in a hot climate, there are certain housing designs that can create a more comfortable atmosphere while still reducing your cooling costs. While it may not be possible to site your house to take advantage of the prevailing breezes if it is on a small block, you can still place windows in it to create a good cross draught for the evenings. So find out where the best breeze comes from and make sure it can blow through the home via large windows.

West and east sides of the home need to have either smaller windows, or be shaded outside by trees and shrubs, eaves or canvas awnings. If the trees are deciduous, then you’ll still get the benefit of warm sun in the winter. Since west is the hottest, building your carport on this side is best for added insulation.

If the home is south of the equator, then north will let in the best light and sun in the winter. In the summer the sun is higher, so won’t shine through those larger northern windows. In all cases, having a pale-coloured roof and walls will help to reflect the heat. Exhaust fans mounted in the roof will help to ferry away the hot air that rises and if you have plenty of windows, cooler night air can enter.

The right house design goes a long way in ensuring that you have a comfortable home to adapt to the local climate. Your new home builders should be able to provide several designs for you to choose from.

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