The cold air in the rainy season tends to make people lazy and prefer to move back lying on the bed and covered with blankets. Whatever feels lazy to move, even to exercise in the morning.

Well, we do not get swamped by rain ya! despite the rain, the sport still goes on. For if we do not exercise in the change of seasons, the body susceptible to diseases and infectious virus. If it rains outside, then you can work out at home. Delicious is not it? no need to go outside in the rain or to the gym, just stay home.

Think of your home as a fitness center with furniture as a tool for sports, such as appliances, towels, chairs, and much more. More specifically, here are some physical exercise movements that can be done at home rainy season Livestrong,

1. Do your own homework
Doing homework like cleaning the house, washing, cooking or ironing may be activities that burn calories like a sport. Try to finish the job of your own home without the aid of a machine or a housekeeper. By doing your homework before, the body becomes sweating as much as exercise.

2. Aerobics with the help of video
No need to be able to do aerobics instructor. If you can not leave the house, or maybe buy aerobics videos can be watched on the internet. So, you can do aerobic exercise good for the heart, in their own homes.

3. The gym with home appliances
Use the objects in the house seems to be space and equipment at the gym. For example, do push-ups in front of the television, using milk cans as weights, up and down stairs to tighten the thigh muscles, and others.

4. Dance
If you are lazy to exercise in the house, maybe you can try other ways that put on some music and dance around the house. Try songs with rhythms that can make you feel like shaking up a sweat.