Food Assistance Child

The little one’s time gets complementary foods, complementary foods should be chosen for its nutrient content according to the needs of the child so that the growth process takes place in an optimal and your child grow as a great baby.
Child complementary foods, such as biscuits, with a lot of content in it nutritious. What are the point?

Prebiotics: essential to help stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria), which will help boost the immune system so that your child is not easily attacked by diseases.
AA and DHA: essential to help optimize brain development and vision of the child.
Various vitamins and minerals that are important to help your child grow and develop optimally:

Vitamin A for eye health and increased durability
Vitamin B2 to generate energy
Vitamin B12 for growth
Vitamin C for preventing infection
Iron for the formation of red blood cells
Choline to help the growth and development of the brain
Calcium and vitamin D for bone growth and strong teeth