Maybe you are worried or wondering if there is a movement or a strange feeling going on in your body. But in fact, the movement is sometimes always comes to our bodies. For example, aches, eye twitching, until the hiccups. What happens to the body when it appears strange movement? Here’s the explanation cited bodyandsoul.com.

1. Muscle Cramps
Cramps are sustained muscle contractions, frequently due to lactic acid, salt imbalance or deficiency of magnesium in the body. Exercising in a humid environment can make the body sweat excess salt levels in the body so drastically size or get lost.

“Athletes often given salt tablets or magnesium, but I would not recommend extra salt to the workers at the weekend,” said Massage. McCoy said: “If you stretch in the morning and evening, after several days of cramping you’ll go.”

2. Eyelashes twitch
Many people find it strange when eyelashes twitch. But when we asked to see a doctor, they might be explained eyelashes twitch muscles spasm only tiny eyelids. “It can happen due to many things, ranging from exhaustion, until most of the caffeine,” said McCoy. If it keeps happening, try to get enough sleep, then stop drinking coffee, as well as massaging your eyelids gently.

3. You feel bloated
If your stomach is bloated, it could be due to any food stuck in the colon. Thus, excessive intestinal gas arises. Or, call it by a doctor is a “chronic colds”. “People who are stressed often swallow their food down with oxygen and flatulence,” said Massage.

4. Abdominal sounds
This happens due to mixed gas liquids moving in your intestines. “Many people do not realize that the food into a liquid while in the stomach and intestines,” a spokesman for the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, Dr Ronald McCoy. “The walls of the intestinal muscles to contract and push, squeeze the liquid together, and when that happens sometimes you can hear his voice.”

5. Body chills
Just like our ape ancestors, the muscles at the base of hair we also actively make the hair stand up when we feel cold or frightened. “When animals get angry, the hair on the back of their necks up to scare the enemy,” said Dr Leon Massage. “The release of stress hormones in humans do the same thing. We do not have a lot of hair, causing the hair stand up”.

It is the same when we are cold. “The body tries to keep warm by way of establishing permanent hair thus making the body warm, but this does not work out for us.”

6. Hiccup
This movement occurs when the diaphragm disturbed. “The diaphragm is a thin sheet of muscle that separates the chest from the stomach lining,” says Dr Leon Massage, a spokesman for the Australian Medical Association. “This could be due to a small electrical disturbance, mild allergies, or something you eat”

To overcome this problem, by taking a deep breath and then hold for a moment. The goal, pushing the diaphragm. “It aims to push the diaphragm and stretch ,” said Massage.

7. Migraine
These headaches are caused by constricting blood vessels. “There is a whole brain arteries sudden contraction and then relax and can cause severe pain,” said McCoy. “For some people, migraines can be triggered by certain foods and for some women, it is due to the influence of hormones. On the other, we never found the trigger”.

8. The body feels stiff
Why when the exercise, the body often feel pain? “We thought it was due to the formation of lactic acid after exercise excessively in a short period of time,” said Message. “If you exercise too much, you tend to use all the glycogen, the supply of sugar in the muscles, and your muscles start using protein and so on. (Which leads to) the establishment of an acid because it is not sufficiently cleared quickly from the area, causing soreness.”

To overcome this problem, stop the exercise, take a deep breath and then drink a glass of water.

9. Eye twitching while sleeping
During sleep, your eyes twitch. “This is due to the release of the nerve during the phase of rapid eye movements during sleep,” said Massage. “During that phase, your eyes seem to move in and out. This is nothing to worry about.”