Classic fabrics which can change the entire lifestyle and personality

An array of classic and high quality silk attracts millions of women. Its shiny and sleek look makes this fabric high in demand. There are wide ranges of silk available in the market which include Tassar Silk Fabric, Mulberry Silk Fabric, Dupion Silk Fabric, Muga Silk Fabric, Tassar Silk Fabric, Tassar Ghicha Silk Fabric and more.

Ghicha Silk fabric is a high quality raw material, mostly used in home decor and apparel industry. Ghicha Silk fabric is mostly used in banarasi sarees which provide glossy look to the saree. Ghicha Silk is mostly used in home furnishing materials like cushions, pillow covers, bed sheets, curtains, throws, duvet covers, bed spreads, blanket covers and many more. A large range of designs and Ghicha Silk fabric is made from high quality silk material available in the market. These Silk is pre-dyed with specially chosen colors to achieve long lasting beauty. Apart from the home decor industry, Ghicha Silk fabrics are highly used in apparel industry as well. These fabrics are highly used as a raw material in making sarees and suits as well. Ghicha Silk is one of the well finished fabric, used as raw material and is well known for its purity and linear weaving texture. These Ghicha Silk fabrics are available in numerous colors and patterns as per the demand. There are numerous features which make Ghicha Silk the most demandable fabric like it is Light weight, Durable, Shrinkage free and smooth texture. Its high quality natural fabrics make it more durable and long lasting. Its pre-dyed quality makes ghicha fabric shrinkage free and light weighted.

Kantha Work Design is one of the most famous embroidery and popular style of India. It is a specialty of West Bengal. It is one of the oldest designing in India. There are numerous types of kantha which are used as per the varied purposes. In the Kantha Work Design, numerous kinds of themes such as geometrical shapes and figures, folk designs, floral motifs, birds and animal figures, different patterns and many more are applied. An array of kantha designs and patterns is one of the most important factors that make this embroidery different from others. Kantha Work Designs can be a simple motif and can be transformed into the intricate ones. In present scenario, Kantha Work Designs are highly in demand; people like to decorate their houses with these kinds of kantha design wall paintings, hangings, cushion covers, bed sheets and much more. Now, these designs have gone through remodification with some innovative and latest techniques as per the latest market needs. These Kantha Work Designs can be well executed in a magnificent lattice and pinwheel whirling design in numbers of colors like black, purple, yellow, blue, red and much more.