Choosing a Baby

Some of the supplies required by infants described below.

Buy baby clothes soft cotton with a comfortable size and the model used. Some types of clothing to be prepared is everyday wear, sleepwear, sweaters, cloth, blankets, gloves, socks / shoes soft, soft hats, and footwear for breastfeeding (if needed). During the newborn always use octopus. Instead, it need not be done again because if someone does not know how to use mom would harm the baby. For example, if the installation of octopus too tight, so the baby will vomit insufficient nutrition needs. As a result, growth will be retarded baby.

Buy diapers from soft cotton and easy to absorb water, with ligature or pin to wear. If you want to use disposable diapers, buy a high absorbance to avoid inundation by water skin art. Waterlogged skin art will be urticaria (hives) and easily scratched.

Here are some baby items that must be provided:

Soft soap / special liquid for bathing.
Wet cotton stored in special containers or wet wipes to clean the ass.
Soft towels (one-two)
Baby bath.
Two plastic bucket (with a lid) to store one diaper droppings (urine) and another for storing dirty clothes and towels.
Small bins for storing cotton / dirty Kleenex.
Gentle comb.
Baby nail clipper
Equipment for feeding (if necessary):

Six bottles of milk with a pacifier.
Pot to boil the bottle or container to sterilize feeding equipment with sterilizing tablets.
Liquid soap and a bottle brush.
These bottles are handy to hold milk squeezed.