Students IPB chips made from rubber seed

IPB students who joined the group Student Creativity Program for Research (PKMP) made of rubber seed innovation as a healthy and nutritious snack.

“The seeds can be used as rubber chips. Addition to a high protein. Rubber seeds also contain essential amino acids that are useful to the body,” said Chairman Ahmad Mupahir PKMP IPB in Bogor, West Java, on Friday (1/3) as reported by Reuters.

Together with a team mate, that Dede Permana, Ruth Kemala Goddess, Jun Harbi, and Pipin Urip Kurniasih, they examined the proteins that are present in the rubber seed is quite large, at 23 percent.

According to Ahmad, the chips are a typical snack Indonesia, where all the munchies like that. However, he said, so far only known chips using raw cassava or bananas.
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When Little Start Walking

“Eeeh? Son was able to stand up!” mother said in a television ad some time ago.

Indeed, a child’s physical progress will be very happy parents. But of course, you also start to wonder if the growth is not as you would expect. Each child has a different growth stages. As a parent you do not have to worry about the development of Small, round growth is still within reasonable limits. As a comparison, not hurt you to know the stages of development of the first three years of childhood. Because at this age children usually show significant progress in his life. In this age children begin to reveal the physical, intellectual, and personality.

Age 0-3 months

The first days of his birth is a time of adjustment for the baby. His knees were still often seems unhinged, like when he was still in the womb. In this age of daily activities filled with lots of sleep. Once the age of six weeks to three months of age, a significant development. Already started straight leg, with his head slightly raised. He was able to smile back toward the people around him. His hands are capable of holding objects in his hands.
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Shy Kids To Make More Confident

Different children, different character anyway. There is an outgoing, cheerful, aggressive, but some are shy. A child who has a shy nature, it is usually difficult when I had to talk to other children. As a result, they tend to limit the experience and did not dare to take risks, which in the end they will gain confidence in social situations.

To overcome this, the necessary role of the parents. Here are some ways that parents can do to help increase the confidence of a shy child, as summarized from the Circle of Moms,

No judge or judge

“If you always tell people that your child has a shy nature, then automatically your child will feel and believe that he is indeed a shy figure,” said Alison S. Renowned, pediatricians and parenting experts. In expressing the behavior of the child, make the words more neutral and non-judgmental or vote.

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LG Optimus M Pros: Phablet with 5.5 inch HD Screen

One more phablet from LG will be present. After 3 Series L Series II was introduced, complete with the LG Optimus M Pro with 5-inch screen.

Optimus owned screen measuring 5.5 inch Pro G is already a resolution of Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels, so it is guaranteed sharp in all conditions. LG’s curved glass used to create the effect of G Pro 2.5D (read: two and a half dimensions). I do not know what the 2.5D effect, because so far we only know the 2D and 3D views.

Armed with Android OS v4.1.2 Jelly Bean, G Pro will look fierce with a quad-core 1.7GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 speed and 2GB of RAM, equipped with 32GB of internal memory. Although the capacity of the internal memory is quite large, LG also still include a microSD slot for you which really need the extra storage space area. Continue reading “LG Optimus M Pros: Phablet with 5.5 inch HD Screen”


Little flashes back to childhood, did you ever feel the thrill fairy tale by parents? Now you might be in a position as a “mastermind” story for the baby. Did you know that, read a story to your child turns out not only to comfort, but also can develop their emotional intelligence as well.

Emotional intelligence, or Emotional Intelligence, divide the area into sections emotions. To develop all of them, one of the most convenient method and can do is to invite your child to listen to a story or . With a record of course you have to filter stories that will be delivered to both your child so they can be digested easily. You also have to spice it up with advice and moral guidance by the end of the story.

But why precisely through stories and fairy tales, child emotional intelligence helped to sharpened? Many benefits can be taken from a moral story. Among others, introduce your child to a wide variety of human nature, behavior until the problems faced and solutions. Your baby will also increase vocabulary rapidly with the stories you tell. Plus side again, when he encountered a difficult word is not understood, it can directly ask. Continue reading “Fairytale”

Beautiful uninhabited island

Take a trip nature is one that is very exciting kind of holiday. Not only we can enjoy the beautiful scenery during the holidays alone, but we also get a bit of learning how to take care of nature in which we live today.

There is one place that we can use as a nature tourism. In a small uninhabited island in the South of Malang precisely, we will be treated to a very beautiful panorama reversed that looked haunted island surrounded by reefs surrounding sharp.

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At Menopause, More Women Should Beware of Diabetes

Everyone should keep their blood sugar levels at a safe level to avoid diabetes. But, you have to be increasingly vigilant when entering the menopause, apparently because shifting hormones affect blood sugar levels.

Levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone are experiencing a shift when a woman experiences menopause, can affect the sensitivity of cells to insulin. So that menopause symptoms can worsen blood sugar and make it less predictable.

A woman’s ovaries produce three different types of estrogen every month along with the menstrual cycle. When you are menstruating, levels of estrogen produced by the ovaries begins to decline.

Estrogens have a protective effect on the function of pancreatic cells and prevent premature cell death. Meanwhile, the pancreatic cells may also serve to increase production of insulin when required by certain conditions, such as diabetes.

The decrease of estrogen appears to cause pancreatic cells become resistant to insulin, thus worsening blood glucose levels circulating in the body. Insulin resistance causes no trouble cells absorb glucose from the bloodstream so that blood glucose levels are higher.

This can lead to diabetes complications over time. If you are taking medication to control blood sugar, either orally or by injection, take it regularly. It is important to monitor blood sugar levels to remain consistent during menopause.

Therefore, you have to be more vigilant with respect to lifestyle behaviors that support healthy blood sugar levels, such as exercise, stress management and healthy eating picky. Blood sugar can be maintained either through a healthy diet and consistent exercise every day.

Nokia – Nokia for your mobile phone

Nokia are created to ensure that customers use every feature of the phone to the maximum. These kinds of accessories have real benefits and in addition you can use the phone effectively. You can find many accessories made with attractive colors, designs and styles in the mobile market. Near you find the volume of each cell phone accessories.

You can customize buy Nokia mobile phones in addition to your preferred method. The special requirements for advanced mobile phone accessories is really developing day by day, because users generally recognize the importance of cell phone accessories.

Nokia may be taken either by online portals or even to claim by visiting mobile stores. Budget victims can opt for cheap Nokia accessories and could lead to their own needs. Among mobile phone accessories, mobile phone cases is the most important accessory. Shells mobile phones are built with quality materials such as leather, rubber, etc.. Continue reading “Nokia – Nokia for your mobile phone”

Honda Mini Trail Motor Release

Release motorcycle manufacturer Honda mini trail bike in the size of the U.S. motorcycle market. Tiny motors called Honda Grom’s certainly going to be the new Honda’s portfolio for the lower segment.

The dirt bike is available with choice of 2 colors Red and Metallic Black Pearl for USD 2.999?? . Honda Grom seconded 1 cylinder engine of 125 cc fuel injected. This engine combined with a 4-speed manual transmission.

Although small in size, but the Honda Grom looks stylish viewed from any angle. The compact body also not forget the impression the sport thanks to the sturdy character presented by the manufacturer. By Honda, 125cc Grom ditampuk as entry level trail bike fun bike.

To note, this dirt bike only weighs 102 kg so that the bike is more maneuverable and agile handling even more delicious. On the other hand, if the riders who love baseball wild can also use the Honda Grom in urban traffic.

Because Honda Grom is also equipped with a comfortable tire for urban and fun to drive. Honda Grom targeting the young United States, and in the land of Uncle Sam new Honda Grom available in August this year.

7 Benefits importance of asparagus

Asparagus, one of the vegetables full of nutrients that can be enjoyed with how to process them as a soup or stir-fry. Want to know many important benefits of asparagus? Listen more, as quoted from Care2 below.

Asparagus is rich in fiber and protein, two nutrients that support healthy digestive and immune system.
Asparagus is known as an anti-inflammatory agent that protects the body from the threat of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.
There antioxidant called glutathione in asparagus that can protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure.
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