Avoiding Common Car Maintenance Mistakes

“Cars need regular maintenance. These are, for the most part, outline in the cars’ manuals. There are even more tasks which we get wrong, even though even so, there are common tasks which we must all do from time to time such as changing the oil. Here are some of the most common maintenance mistakes that most of us have been guilty of at one point or another.

1. Not fitting seasonal tires

You know what the weather will be like, specifically in winter, if you lived in an area long enough. That is why you should already have seasonal tires for your car if your region sees a lot of snow. You will see a market improvement in your car’s handling and traction and it will be much easier for it to perform as it was meant to, by fitting seasonal tires. Moreover, you decrease the chances of an accident significantly.


2. Not using the right kind of oil

When it is time to change the oil of your car, be aware that the oil comes in different viscosities. Even if your mechanic recommends a certain brand, make sure that the viscosity is the one indicated in your manual. That is the one which was meant to work best with your engine in the first place.


3. Not inflating your tires

Driving on soft tires is a big problem and one which is easily avoided. Simply check your tire pressure regularly. It doesn’t take long and there should be a sticker on your car door that tells you exactly what the recommended pressure is.


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