Bio-Psychosocial Tips for The Small

Growth and development of every child are not the same. And this caused by bio-psychosocial factors, biological factors, psychological and social, it receives. Tips, you should:

Maintain the health of the child since birth.
Provide balanced nutrition and optimal.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle, so that your child was living a healthy life.
Meet and respond well to the needs and desires of the child.
Build mutual understanding with your child.
Involved in the care and upbringing of the children from the first years of his life.
Setting up the environment first (home) well so that he could explore his early environment.
Became his best friend, in close proximity.
Take care and nurture of the child, especially in the first year, in order to adopt the attitude, nature and habits (positive) you.
Prepare and selectively choose the environment that is outside – socially or school – home environment.