Benefits of Ginger in Life

It can be used as a food flavoring and aroma beverages, ginger is also efficacious to overcome a variety of diseases such as cough, fever, asthma, colds, aches, and rheumatism.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale Roxb), which in English is known as ginger. Berumpun ginger plant grows to the height that can reach one meter. Has a pseudo-stem, unbranched, round, upright, and composed of sheets of leaf midrib. Stems are green with reddish stem. The flowers are tubular and are protected by the leaves as a protector. Ginger rhizome branching and irregular. Skin scaly rhizomes and whorls, brownish yellow. Flesh yellow rhizome, fibrous, and contains aromas.

Based on the size, shape, and color of the rhizome, the ginger is divided into three types, namely large white or yellow ginger (ginger rhinoceros), a small white ginger (CVD), and red ginger. Plant part used is the rhizome. Because the rhizomes are chemical compounds that contain spicy taste (gingerol, zingeron, and shogaol) and therefore the body feels warm after drinking ginger boiled water.

Simple concoction of ginger to treat a cough, fever, asthma, colds, and sore: Peel, wash, and dry ginger practicality, give sugar to taste, boiled with water, and then strain. Drink while still warm. Strongly encouraged to continue to consume these ingredients 1 hour before meals, 1 day 2 times.

Mumbudidayakan ginger plant shoots can be done with the breakdown products of plant rhizomes (aged 9 â? 12 months), cut into pieces that measure 35 â? 60 g and has two buds. Immediately sprinkle ash on the incision scar so that it does not rot. Tunaskan rhizomes in a haystack for 1 â? 3 weeks were watered regularly every day to stay dry. Or it can also be done by covering it with a thin soil on top were given straw. Fertilization is done at the beginning of the planting by as much as 1 kg of manure per hole. Can routinely be given 1.5 â? 2 months by using compost. Stitching is done if no shoots are growing. Do 2 â? 3 months after planting. Siangi weeds that grow in the fields planting 1 â? 3 months after planting. When Ginger was at the age of five, generally attacked flies rhizomes. Attacked plants show symptoms of wilt and dry. Rhizomes and skin damage. Plants are exposed to these pests should be repealed so as not to infect other plants.

Ginger is generally harvested after age anatara 8 â? 10 months. The sign can be seen from the appearance of the leaves have dried up and drops to the ground. But more based on the purpose and use. For instance, young ginger is used to asianan. Rhizome old Jehe for traditional medicine, herb foods, and beverages.