Benefits Leaves Greeting

Bay leaf (Eugenia Polyyantha) called Sumatra as maselengan or sweet lemongrass. Sundanese and Javanese call Gowok call Manting or katolam. Bay leaves are often used by people for spices that can add flavor aroma and flavoring dishes, because issuing bay leaf essential oil scents. Bay leaves are used in fresh or dried state.

Bay leaves are found in mountainous areas and forests, even though also relatively easy to plant in the yard or garden. Bay leaves easily bred in a way because it is rooted grafted riding. Tree leaves have rounded slick, big enough, the height can reach 25 meters. One tree can produce abundant leaves sheet number.

Bay leaf aroma containing essential oils, substances citral, eugenol, tannins, and flavonida. Tannin substances beneficial to shrink (astringent) so people often use the leaves to stop the diarrhea, skin pores, and reduces perspiration. While in the industrialized world, tannin substances used in skin care business. From the results of research conducted, bay leaves can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.