Behavior Disorders: Autism

Why autism has become a scourge for many older people? Allegedly because of the amount of increasing the number of events throughout the world. However in Indonesia alone, there is no data that shows the exact magnitude of the event rates.

Survey data from the California Department of Developmental Services, the United States, there have been increasing cases of children with autism in the United States by 31%. U.S. Pediatric Association and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention even added that the number of children diagnosed with autism about 1:166 children. In fact, 10 years ago, the number of events is only 1:2500 children.

Autism is a developmental disorder children in terms of communication, social interaction, behavior, emotions, and sensory processes. A person suffering from autism is only interested in his own mental activity (eg, daydreaming or fantasizing) and very withdrawn from reality. In children, the disorder can be seen from the child’s inability to relate to others. As if they live in a world of his own, and in some cases using language or expression that is only understood by himself.

Symptoms of children with autism generally appear before age 3 years. What are the symptoms?

No eye contact is steady.
Less responsive to the surrounding environment.
Do not want to talk verbally.
Do not want to communicate with body language, such as smiling, frowning, and so on.
If it is experienced by the child, you should be alert and immediately took him to a doctor, psychologist, or psychiatrist. Suggested should immediately consult a doctor who specializes in autism to determine a test, the action or subsequent treatment, and provide special training for the child.

Symptoms of autism are also called autism spectrum, ie symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Increase in autism cases is not only the case of classic autism, but also on the lighter variant of autism, such as Asperger syndrome and atypical autism.

Asperger syndrome is a developmental disorder with symptoms such as disturbances in social, it is difficult to accept the changes, like doing the same thing over and over, and obsessed and busy themselves with activities that interest. Generally, the level of intelligence of the child well or even higher than normal children. In addition, he usually does not experience delays in speech.

While atypical autism is a type of autism that does not meet the required criteria for autism disorder by the DSM-IV (guide in diagnosing mental disorders). Even so, your child experiencing difficulties in social interaction and communication mutually. Maybe he did not show typical symptoms or the symptoms can also be lighter than the classic autistic.

The cause of autism is not yet known exactly, but the disorder can be attributed to hereditary factors as well as the failure of one part of the brain that processes nerve stimulation.

One of handling children with autism spectrum disorders is an integrated development of the therapy. The therapy consists of occupational therapy with an emphasis on Sensory Integration therapy combined with methods of Floor Time. However, if the child needs it, still coupled with Visual Strategies. Sensory Integration Therapy and Floor Time is given after the child is known to bear all autism spectrum disorders. While the new Visual Strategy is given when the child is really ready to receive this therapy. Readiness will be assessed by therapists, doctors, or psychologists who deal with child.