Babies In 1 Hour First Her life

Infants aged less than one hour was have survival instinct. This is known because it is not until an hour after birth, unaided by anyone, the baby managed to find the nipple, and devour the milk.

According to experts, at the first baby was born, she had to take her instinct for the nipple. This behavior is known as the baby early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD), the feeding behavior of infants immediately after birth.

Many of the benefits of early initiation, among others:

Baby’s first milk obtained from mothers breasts contain colostrum (a special liquid cream-colored). Colostrum contains a number of anti-bodies, which are referred to as secretory immunoglobulim A (IgA). Colostrum serves as a natural anti-bodies for protection so the baby does not get sick.
With the initiation, the process of doing exclusive breastfeeding easier for mothers to breastfeed more easily . Infants who touched the mother’s chest to make mom gets sensory stimuli which then ruled the brain to produce the hormone oxytocin and prolactin.
Babies who are given the opportunity of early breastfeeding, drink milk period two times longer than those without initiation.
Babies who are left in direct contact with the mother will decrease stress hormones that infants become calmer. Baby’s breathing and heart rate is more stable. In contrast, infants who were separated by the baby at birth will increase 50% stress hormones, so as immunity and body resistance decreases.
Infant mortality under the age of 28 days can be saved.
But many do not know that early initiation needs to be done. Many hospitals are not doing so. Mothers are entitled to ask the doctor or midwife who handle deliveries that early initiation process is done. For the initiation, performed several stages, including the:

Invite your husband or family to assist during delivery arrives.
Try not to use chemical drugs in helping mothers who give birth.
Mothers are allowed to decide how and birthing positions.
Dry the baby as quickly as possible, without losing the vernix on the baby’s skin.
Put your baby in the prone position on the mother’s abdomen or chest.   both. If necessary, put the hat on the baby.
Let baby find the nipple itself. Can stimulate the baby’s mother with gentle movement. Mother’s nipples may be closer to the baby, but do not push.
Let the baby be in a position in contact with the skin to skin breastfeeding mothers first completed.