Favorite drink while eating at a place usually sweet iced tea or orange juice. Indeed, drinking orange juice is very good for health. Because the content of Vitamin C in it that high can improve your immune system and make the skin glow.

But do not mix the sugar in orange juice. Because sugar is quite high in calories, so avoid drinking too much. Because sugar can actually make your weight go up. Therefore, the good, the consumption of orange juice with no sugar. To be able to feel the benefits of natural orange for our body health.

For those of you that easy to get sick like a cold or flu can eat. The study also shows orange medical help lower cholesterol and blood pressure. Quoted HealthMeUp, Mansi Nutritionist Belani and Evolve Medspa explains the fruit offer many health benefits. Both Nutritionist showed differences in the consumption of fruit and fruit juice.

“There are several advantages to choosing fresh fruit rather than fruit juice (fresh or package.) Fresh fruit more antioxidants such as flavonoids and vitamin C when compared to fruit juice. Juice increases blood sugar levels faster than the fruit.

“And the sugar content of fruit juice can be higher than in the whole fruit. So, if it is not used can be stored as fat in the body, causing weight gain,” they added.

Therefore, pure orange juice is a healthy choice, as it offers more vitamin C than any other fruit juice and contain large amounts of phytochemicals. It is also rich in folate, thiamin and potassium. If you drink a canned orange juice, do not forget to check the sugar content on the label available if you want to get a lot of health benefits from your orange juice.

For orange juice containing pulp or fruit grain of meat juice, tend to be healthier for the body. But this is still debated. If you have stomach problems, remember that orange is very acidic and can cause stomach pain. In addition, citrus acid can also damage the teeth when the teeth are left untreated.