Zoom Lens Maximum Aperture: Fixed and Variable

All lenses have a maximum aperture or lens opening, a condition in which the lens wide open so as to let light in. diameter at the most appropriate lens itself. In most zoom lenses, the maximum aperture will change as you perform zooming (changing the focal length lenses. Zoom lens which is called a zoom lens has a maximum aperture “variable”.

For example, popular kit zoom lenses: 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 lens. This lens when used in the short (18 mil) has a maximum aperture f/3.5. However, when used longest side (55mm), maximum aperture was going to suddenly turn into f/5.6.
By changing the aperture as in the case above, we would lose a little bit of light coming into the sensor when the lens is used its longest side.
Some of the more expensive zoom lens has a maximum aperture fixed, constant and does not change when we do the zooming. An example is the 70-20mm f/2.8 lens. If it is set in the opening (aperture) f/2.8, so you want to wear on the short side or the long side 200mm 70mm, f/2.8 aperture will always be. Type of zoom lens is relatively better quality but also much more expensive than variable zoom lens as above.
Why Maximum Aperture Zoom Lens Fixed With More Expensive?
Zoom lens with a fixed aperture are more expensive because they use more sophisticated elements in it than a lens with a variable aperture. Additionally lens uses an optical element that is larger (f/2.8 than f/5.6).

Specifications and Price Samsung Galaxy S4

Best Android Smartphone from Samsung successfully released yesterday in New York, United States. Then what kind of specifications and pricing of Samsung Galaxy S4 which was remembered as the best Android phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Here are the full specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S 4.
Screen: 5 inch 1080p (1.920 x1080), Super AMOLED, 441ppi.
Weight: 130 grams with a thinness of 7.9 mm
Processor: 1.6 GHz Exynos Octa-core / quadcore 1.9 Ghz Qualcomm (may differ by country marketing)
Internal Memory: 16/32/64GB plus external memory slot up to 64GB.
Camera: 13 Megapixel (back), 2Megapixel (front).
Operating System: Android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Connectivity: 3G (HSPA +) and 4G (LTE).
Battery: 2600 MAh

Simple Tips Shrink Stomach

Many tips shrink the stomach that has been done, but the results are still unsatisfactory. This can be due to many things, such as less consistent in running our program is to shrink the stomach. Tips Shrink Stomach can still be considered too difficult to do so in a half-hearted, this is what causes the program to shrink the stomach becomes less satisfying.

Here are some simple tips to shrink the stomach that can be tried.

Diligent and consistent in exercising, a lot of research that says exercise is moderate to high intensity can prevent and reduce abdominal fat.

According to research fiber body takes 30-35 percent of the food consumed. Sufficient amount of fiber, especially soluble fiber helps in launching the digestive system and reduce fat in the abdomen. Sources of soluble fiber can be obtained from nuts, edamame, fruits, vegetables, eggs, protein soy and lean meats. Continue reading “Simple Tips Shrink Stomach”

Avoid After Eating Bad Habits

Many things that we often do after we eat. You know, there are some things that are forbidden and adverse effects on health. Perhaps we often ignore it and often do these bad habits to the detriment of our health.

The following article about the health habits conducted after dining.

1. Do not Smoke
The experts proves that smoking one cigarette after meal is comparable to ten cigarettes.

2. Avoid eating fruits
After eating the fruit eating can cause the stomach to be bloated because of the air. Therefore, it is best to eat fruit after 1-2 hours or 1 hour before a meal.

3. Do not drink tea
Tea contains a high acid content. This substance will cause protein in the diet will harden making it difficult to digest.

4. Do not loosen the belt
Loosening the belt after a meal will easily cause the intestine twisted and blocked.
Continue reading “Avoid After Eating Bad Habits”

Easy Steps to Eliminate Stress

In carrying out our daily routine are often faced with challenges and obstacles that can cause stress which adversely affect the body. To be able to let go of stress, we need to break away from the routine and the various events that can cause stress. There are several ways to dissipate stress, we can start with a simple way to relieve stress and fatigue caused by routine.

Here are health tips to eliminate stress with ease.
1. Breathing in
Taking a deep breath to reduce stress and relax. Try to breathe deeply and slowly exhaust. When we are stressed we tend to breathe faster and shorter. If you allow can do yoga / meditation, breathe using your stomach muscles (not the chest) take a deep breath and slowly waste.

2. Take a walk
Sit and hold office for long hours and work that makes a lot of stress and is not good for health. Take a few minutes to walk around (just take a drink of water). By walking will reduce stress levels and also good for health. Continue reading “Easy Steps to Eliminate Stress”

Cause Stomach on Should Avoid

Many are concerned with the belly from reduced self-esteem and a sense of being uncomfortable. Many things are also being done to shrink belly fat, but not all can succeed. The situation is not without cause belly fat, it all happened because of our lifestyle that are a little less good / healthy.

There are many things that can cause a distended belly, here are some causes.
Eating or snacking at night
For those who like eating or snacking at night, you should immediately eliminate this habit. At night we usually indulge that little bit too calories used. Stacking calories from food or snacks will cause stomach to be bloated.
The content of calories and sugar in the alcohol almost equal fatty foods. Alcohol can make the heart work harder to neutralize them, so that the sugar that should be missed and accumulate filtered. Continue reading “Cause Stomach on Should Avoid”

In Criticism HTC, Samsung Speak

In Criticism HTC, Samsung Speak. The grandeur and sophistication of Samsung Galaxy S4 apparently attracted the attention not only among gadget lovers of South Korean vendors. HTC are also competitors Samsung issued a criticism of the plastic materials used in the Galaxy S4.

But the South Korean vendors (Samsung) can not remain silent about the criticism from HTC. In response, Samsung still insisted on using plastic material in the Galaxy S4. Head of Designs Samsung from South America, Dennis Miloseski Sasmung explain the reason to keep using plastic material in the Galaxy S4 is nothing but creating a good relationship between users and technology through performance and minimalist shapes, light and thin instead of the material used. Continue reading “In Criticism HTC, Samsung Speak”

Xiaomi Mi3 Appears in China with Specifications Screen 5 Inches Full HD, Snapdragon Processor 800 and 3000 m Battery

Who is not familiar with Android phones from Xiaomi China? This brand is from China, but the quality is not inferior to brand offers from other countries. No wonder many people are awaiting the arrival of a new product from Xiaomi.

And, this year, Xiaomi was likely to bring some new Android phones. One is Xiaomi Mi3 which is the successor of the mi2. And, for mobile this one, a leak had already begun to appear.

Mobile is rumored to be using the touch screen size of 5 inches. Interestingly, this phone is the screen display with full HD 1080p resolution.
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Canon PowerShot SX280 HS 12MP Compact Camera with 20X Optical Zoom, WIFI, GPS, and DIGIC processor 6

Canon recently launched the Canon EOS 100D which is the smallest DSLR, but also launched the PowerShot SX280 which is a type of compact cameras with new features such as the DIGIC processor 6 and a large optical zoom is 20X where the lens is kind of 25mm (25-500mm f/3.5- 6.8 lens) wide with 12 Mp backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS sensor In addition there are new features such as Wi-Fi and GPS so that we can share photos quickly and easily connect to other devices such as a laptop, mobile phone or tablet without the need to plug the cable . With the GPS feature, the user can add geotag information to your photos so we can find out where our picture taken. Besides not miss FullHD video recording feature is also on the speed camera video frame rate 30fps or 60fps. Continue reading “Canon PowerShot SX280 HS 12MP Compact Camera with 20X Optical Zoom, WIFI, GPS, and DIGIC processor 6”

Complete List of State is He who will Visited Galaxy S IV version of Snapdragon 600 and Exynos 5 Octa

The lovers of Samsung products in Indonesia is certainly very curious about the launch of the Galaxy S phones IV in Indonesia. Especially about what version will be displayed by Samsung for its customers in the country.

Now the answer to that question has been answered. Samsung Mobile has also released a list of countries that will be visited by the Galaxy S IV version of Snapdragon 600 and Exynos 5 Octa.

For additional information, Snapdragon processor 600 is mounted on the Galaxy S IV has the model number GT-I9505. This processor fitted with a speed of 1.9GHz. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S IV with model number GT-I9500 is a cell phone in it using 5 Octa Samsung Exynos processor which has a speed of 1.6GHz.

Here is the full list:

GT-I **** = Not yet decided
GT-I9500 = Exynos
GT-I9505 = Snapdragon
GT-I9500 / GT-I9505 = Samsung will bring two versions


GT-I9500 – Afghanistan
GT-I9500 – Algeria
GT-I9500 – Egypt
GT-I9500 – Kenya
GT-I9500 – Lybia
GT-I9500 – Marocco
GT-I9500 – Nigeria
Asia / Middle East Continue reading “Complete List of State is He who will Visited Galaxy S IV version of Snapdragon 600 and Exynos 5 Octa”