How to Prepare Infant Formula

For some reason, she can not breastfeed the child. Therefore, use milk instead of formula. Some way to know in preparing infant formula for your baby, especially for young mothers for the first time the child has:

Begin by washing hands before mothers make milk for your baby.
Then enter the warm water into a bottle of milk. Do not use boiling water or cold water.
Add milk into a bottle that has been filled with warm water following the dosage instructions on the user manual.
Put a ring and bottle caps, and turn until tightly sealed.
Open the bottle cap and insert the dot milk.
Do not touch the dot with a finger tip. Then attach the ring to the bottle and turn the meeting.
Check the temperature of the milk feeding and in the back of his hand. Milk should be warm, not hot.
Make milk for one time use only. If still remains, should be stored at room temperature / fridge, preferably no more than 1 hour.
Age Number of Number of Warm Water Spoon Frequency
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Little teaching Chewing

Your child growing age, need to be trained to be able to consume food that is more dense. To the ability of the child need to be trained to be able to chew. There are several ways to do.

Train your child to chew by way of:

If you make a smooth puree, reserving one kind of food that can be chewed easily, such as a piece of carrot or piece of soft cheese sheet.
Do not force the baby to eat food that is difficult, such as beef or chicken. If you would like to teach my baby to chew a small piece of minced meat or chicken, cook before processed in the vegetable or porridge.
Divert delicate foods to form a bigger little by little. For example, if blended, reduce the smoothness week after week.
Give it food that can be grasped, nutritious and easily digestible, boiled carrots cut into matchsticks or a piece of papaya.
You can also give it a mushy rice dish mixed in a blender.

Measure Body Temperature Baby

Normal human body temperature is 36.5 to 37.5 degrees celsius. If up to 38 degrees Celsius or more, then called fever. And in fact, a fever is a sign the body is infected by bacteria or viruses.

If you only know the first conventional thermometer made of glass and contain mercury, so now there are several types of digital thermometers on the market. Then what is the advantage? To be sure, digital thermometer guaranteed to be accurate because it shows the smallest number to number. Also, this type of thermometer and practical measurement results very quickly. Unfortunately, digital thermometer is very susceptible to damp air and water. Not to mention, the price is more expensive than conventional ones.

Small part of the body that could be a place to put the thermometer is armpit, mouth and anus. However, lately, increasingly sophisticated technology thermometer so that the thermometer can also be placed in the ear and forehead.

However, glass thermometer is absolutely not recommended to be placed in the baby’s mouth. Why? If broken, the mercury will poison the baby. Continue reading “Measure Body Temperature Baby”

Sports Make Little

Sport is very important for children, to gain weight and develop muscle strength and healthy heart and lungs. Sports are encouraged from an early age. That is why, it is recommended for more frequent baby released freely on the floor or in bed. While small children, who are generally indeed could hardly be silent, should be given as many opportunities as possible to move around and play on.

Thus the little guy gets a chance to train all muscle, develop body balance, improving blood circulation in the body, so the body is really healthy and strong.

Thus the little guy gets a chance to train all muscle, develop body balance, improving blood circulation in the body, so the body is really healthy and strong.

Sport with the little ones does not require movements specially packaged so it can be categorized as visible certain types of sports. Sports movement they can be made as just playing around. Importantly, it can include all the activities that are beingĀ  accordance with the development of motor motion. For toddlers these movements include activities crawling, jumping, running, sitting, on tiptoes, running, climbing, sliding, swinging, throwing, and hitting pull. Continue reading “Sports Make Little”

Babies In 1 Hour First Her life

Infants aged less than one hour was have survival instinct. This is known because it is not until an hour after birth, unaided by anyone, the baby managed to find the nipple, and devour the milk.

According to experts, at the first baby was born, she had to take her instinct for the nipple. This behavior is known as the baby early initiation of breastfeeding (IMD), the feeding behavior of infants immediately after birth.

Many of the benefits of early initiation, among others:

Baby’s first milk obtained from mothers breasts contain colostrum (a special liquid cream-colored). Colostrum contains a number of anti-bodies, which are referred to as secretory immunoglobulim A (IgA). Colostrum serves as a natural anti-bodies for protection so the baby does not get sick.
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Happy Little massaged …

Did you know that massage helps babies besides physical and emotional growth and development of the baby, also able to strengthen the relationship between the mother and the baby …

Massage requires a form of touch therapy that serves as one of the important treatment techniques. Even according to modern research, routine infant massage will help the physical and emotional growth and development of infants, in addition to maintaining their health. To be sure the benefits of infant massage is not only felt by the child alone, but as well by the mother. Want to know more?

Benefits for mothers

According to one study, mothers who massaged the baby will produce more milk. And most of them will experience water seepage on breast milk when not breastfeeding, so the massage can increase the likelihood of the mother, including working mothers, to be able to provide breast milk to your baby optimally.
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Behavior Disorders: Autism

Why autism has become a scourge for many older people? Allegedly because of the amount of increasing the number of events throughout the world. However in Indonesia alone, there is no data that shows the exact magnitude of the event rates.

Survey data from the California Department of Developmental Services, the United States, there have been increasing cases of children with autism in the United States by 31%. U.S. Pediatric Association and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention even added that the number of children diagnosed with autism about 1:166 children. In fact, 10 years ago, the number of events is only 1:2500 children.

Autism is a developmental disorder children in terms of communication, social interaction, behavior, emotions, and sensory processes. A person suffering from autism is only interested in his own mental activity (eg, daydreaming or fantasizing) and very withdrawn from reality. In children, the disorder can be seen from the child’s inability to relate to others. As if they live in a world of his own, and in some cases using language or expression that is only understood by himself.

Symptoms of children with autism generally appear before age 3 years. What are the symptoms?

No eye contact is steady.
Less responsive to the surrounding environment.
Do not want to talk verbally. Continue reading “Behavior Disorders: Autism”

Tips Provide Food Assistance to Small

If the mother has begun to provide complementary food / formula, then there are some important things you need to pay attention to the mother:

Start by giving 1 to 2 teaspoons of rice flour or half biscuit for babies baby with breast milk / formula.
Give the baby awake at the time (before or after breastfeeding / formula).
Use a plastic spoon for baby.
Make sure that the baby is in a sitting position, in the lap of the mother or baby seat.
Slowly, increase feeding semi-solid / solid food, from 1 time to 2 or 3 times a day.
Slowly, also increase the amount given (from 1 to 2 teaspoons to 3 to 4 teaspoons of rice flour or biscuit half into one chip biscuits).
Introduce a variety of flavors, including fruit, vegetables and meat. Start by feeding less likely to cause allergies.
Slowly, increase the viscosity of the food given to reduce the liquid is added.
Increase the variety of foods to encourage good reception (5 to 7 months is a good opportunity to develop the flavor and acceptability of food).
If you have started to grasp, let your child hold his own cookie. It can train the baby to feed themselves, will also help develop baby’s fine motor (insert food into the mouth) and help stimulate the growth of teeth.
Create an atmosphere of joy that need to eat, do not force your child to spend Mother mix food already because it can cause psychological trauma in the future so that the baby be “do not like to eat”.

Bedwetting Habits In Children

Many children who have been outstanding for more than 5 years, it still has a habit of wetting the bed at night. And it’s not impossible, this habit can get carried away when he had grown until later. Therefore, identify the cause.

Enuresis is the medical term in the world to mention custom in which a person unconsciously urinating in places or situations that are not supposed to. Nocturnal enuresis is the term for children over 4 years old that still choose the habit. While diurnal enuresis is the term for those who are occasional or frequent urination times during the day.

Every child has a rate of speed in developing different. Both in terms of walking, talking, to have the ability to control urination avoid indiscriminate. If you as a parent have a background in childhood bedwetting, chances are your child will experience the same thing. Many children have difficulty waking up in the night, when the desire to urinate there. Several other children that do not get in trouble for having emotional stress incontinence (no problem in the playground / school, is not feeling well, parents’ separation). Or may also be due to a urinary tract infection, hormonal deficiencies which functions to concentrate urine causes the need to urinate at night issued bigger, and the small bladder capacity.
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Vulnerable Skin Fungus Often Should Swim?

Skin diseases can not be hidden and do not know the age. Therefore adults and children can be affected by this disease. Skin diseases can cause people to be inferior.

Fungal diseases can be transmitted through water. However, the possibility of contracting can be minimized by flushing the body with water after each swim. In addition, skin diseases triggered by swimming is tinea versicolor (white spots on the skin). belong to the group of eczema. Research shows that this skin fungus disease often occurs in atopic people (someone with sensitive skin). It can be caused by contact with chlorine chlorine, or excessive exposure to sunlight.

By rinsing after swimming body, viruses and bacteria that may still be attached to the body lost to the rinse water. Infections of the skin can be caused by fungi (mold) and candida (yeast). Infection caused by a fungus called martomikosis, whereas infections caused by Candida is referred to as candidiasis. Skin diseases are relatively more common in the infants candidiasis, tinea or tinea versicolor while common in older children. Transmission of the disease can be minimized to reduce the infectivity for excessive humidity, especially in children and infants who are obese. How the child should be wiped until dry, even in the folds of her body. Continue reading “Vulnerable Skin Fungus Often Should Swim?”