Apple The UFO Project

Apparently, Apple can not be silent for a moment and enjoy the tranquility in the middle of a busy day. After constantly enliven the “party” competition in the world of technology, particularly smartphones and tablet PCs, and go try to jump into the market through ICAR SmartCar it, and now Apple again made a breakthrough by creating a “UFO”.

Is Apple now has shown signs of madness and intend to invite the aliens from outer space? Of course, the assumption is too excessive. “The UFO” which is now being built by Apple is not a real plane. “Airplane” is just a futuristic building design will be made into a college or university by Apple.

Gossip about campus construction is shaped UFO has long circulated. Discuss various issues concerning the project of the company led by Tim Cook has been in circulation since 2011. Gossip about the construction of the building faster and faster after Apple released the pictures believed to be the design of university buildings.

One year later, it appears that it is no longer a rumor. World Time reported that Apple is now serious to actually realize his dream. More recently, Apple has sent brochures that contains the construction of the campus. In the brochure, Apple gave the name of the project area as the “Campus 2”.

Reinforce the issue of building long-term development will be strengthened by the results of the development of Apple’s greatest technology, 9to5 Mac website released some images that show evidence of brochure pages received by the local community. In this brochure, we can see some pictures of UFOs Apple’s building plans.

However, Apple also appears not want to just build sophisticated buildings. Time to mention that the building could be made UFO environmentally friendly technologies. Now, Apple is also seeking to obtain a certificate from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the body that governs and gives permission for the construction of buildings with environmentally friendly technologies in the United States.

To obtain a certificate from LEED, Apple must meet several requirements proposed. Some of these requirements are saving and the use of the water resources, the selection of building materials, the quality of the environment inside the building, and the ability to maintain the natural balance in the environment around the building.

Unfortunately, Apple has said that the building they will not be open to the public. Listed building will be completed during its construction in 2015, would not have a museum or stores that sell Apple products. However, the description in the brochure mentions that Apple will build a world-class auditorium to hold corporate events and launch new products.