5 Easy Handmade Party Invitations DIY and Save

When you think of handmade party invitations you are probably thinking of fancy decorative layers of paper with exotic fonts, but what about creative invitations that are fun and interactive and absolutely perfect for kids parties?

There are loads of creative ways you can make your own kids invites and you don’t need to use the traditional paper and envelope at all. There are many things you can use that don’t cost a cent like writing on leaves for a fairy party, or on the inside of a shell for a beach party; the point is that putting a little thought into your own handmade party invitations not only impresses your little guests, but also gives your party child a wonderful memento to keep in their memory boxes forever.

Here are 5 easy handmade party invitations that you can make very easily together with your child.

1.Photo Invitations

Write your invitation on a large piece of card that is big enough to read from a distance. Get your party child to hold it in front of themselves, or if it’s really big perhaps have them stand next to it, but whatever they do they must have a huge cheesy grin on their little face. Now it is as simple as taking a picture, printing them on your home computer or through your local photo processing shop on standard 10 x 15 cm photo paper. If you want to make them more card like just paste brightly coloured card to the back, or alternatively laminate them.

2.Something for a Beach Theme:

The old flip flop is great for summer barbeques and pool parties, beach parties and luaus or anything with a tropical theme. Pick up some groovy flip flops from a discount store, you can usually get the for a couple of dollars a pair. Neatly write the invitation on the sole with a marker pen, or use the flip flop as a template tracing around it on a piece of coloured card. Cut out the flip flop shape, write the invite using words like ‘dude’ and ‘aloha’. Let the kids decorate the card by sprinkling sand like glitter around the edges before sticking onto the sole of the flip flop.

3.Invitation With a Bang:

Balloons are a very inexpensive and very easy thing to use as an interesting invitation with an explosive effect. Write the invitation on a small piece of standard 80gsm paper, roll it up into a scroll and insert the invitation inside the balloon. Now blow it up or if possible, inflate with helium. Write ‘pop me’ on the balloon with a permanent marker. Imagine your child turning up at school with a bunch of balloons for all their friends to stomp on, great fun!

4.A Pirate Summons:

You and your kids will have a lot of fun getting the aged look that is so perfect for a pirate party by simply soaking regular copy paper in tea, though please don’t add milk or sugar! Just pop a few tea bags in a tray of water and allow to steep before laying sheets of paper into the water nice and flat. Don’t leave the paper in there for too long or you risk disintegration. Take out and hang on the line with a peg to dry. You now have the basis for a beautiful handmade party invitation with an authentically old look. Write on it with a fine marker pen in a loopy old fashioned way; perfect for any pirate party or treasure hunt.

“title=”Keyword”>A Puzzling Approach:

Take your invitation, either hand written, printed or one of those ones you can buy in a pad. After writing, glue to a piece of card stock. On the back create a jigsaw puzzle effect by either drawing odd shapes or mimicking a traditional jigsaw design. Now cut up the invitation accordingly and pop all the pieces in an envelope. Your little guests will need to put the invitation together in order to read it.

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