Benefits Leaves Greeting

Bay leaf (Eugenia Polyyantha) called Sumatra as maselengan or sweet lemongrass. Sundanese and Javanese call Gowok call Manting or katolam. Bay leaves are often used by people for spices that can add flavor aroma and flavoring dishes, because issuing bay leaf essential oil scents. Bay leaves are used in fresh or dried state.

Bay leaves are found in mountainous areas and forests, even though also relatively easy to plant in the yard or garden. Bay leaves easily bred in a way because it is rooted grafted riding. Tree leaves have rounded slick, big enough, the height can reach 25 meters. One tree can produce abundant leaves sheet number.

Bay leaf aroma containing essential oils, substances citral, eugenol, tannins, and flavonida. Tannin substances beneficial to shrink (astringent) so people often use the leaves to stop the diarrhea, skin pores, and reduces perspiration. While in the industrialized world, tannin substances used in skin care business. From the results of research conducted, bay leaves can lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Bedwetting Habits In Children

Many children who have been outstanding for more than 5 years, it still has a habit of wetting the bed at night. And it’s not impossible, this habit can get carried away when he had grown until later. Therefore, identify the cause.

Enuresis is the medical term in the world to mention custom in which a person unconsciously urinating in places or situations that are not supposed to. Nocturnal enuresis is the term for children over 4 years old that still choose the habit. While diurnal enuresis is the term for those who are occasional or frequent urination times during the day.

Every child has a rate of speed in developing different. Both in terms of walking, talking, to have the ability to control urination avoid indiscriminate. If you as a parent have a background in childhood bedwetting, chances are your child will experience the same thing. Many children have difficulty waking up in the night, when the desire to urinate there. Several other children that do not get in trouble for having emotional stress incontinence (no problem in the playground / school, is not feeling well, parents’ separation). Or may also be due to a urinary tract infection, hormonal deficiencies which functions to concentrate urine causes the need to urinate at night issued bigger, and the small bladder capacity.
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balanced nutrition

Every person, ranging from newborns to those who are elderly have different nutritional needs. Men and women had different needs. Even among female adolescents, adults, pregnant and lactating women were also different. So, what is the basis for the selection of the nutrients that we consume?

The key to meeting the needs of good nutrition is balance, and suitability to the individual needs of our intake. Our bodies need a balance of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The third component is the basic component of nutrition.

In addition to those three things, our bodies also require the intake of vitamins, minerals and various other components. This intake can not of course be obtained only from a single source. Therefore, variations in the food we eat plays an important role. Do not ask what the best foods for health, because there is no one type of food too (in the singular) that is able to meet our nutritional needs is good and balanced.

In addition to quality, we also should not forget the issue of quantity. Foods that have good nutritional content but taken to excess every day could bring bad result. Or conversely, high-quality food is only consumed in very small amounts (inadequate), better results can be expected.

Therefore, let us keep the balance of nutrition both in quality and quantity so that our health could be maintained.

Vulnerable Skin Fungus Often Should Swim?

Skin diseases can not be hidden and do not know the age. Therefore adults and children can be affected by this disease. Skin diseases can cause people to be inferior.

Fungal diseases can be transmitted through water. However, the possibility of contracting can be minimized by flushing the body with water after each swim. In addition, skin diseases triggered by swimming is tinea versicolor (white spots on the skin). belong to the group of eczema. Research shows that this skin fungus disease often occurs in atopic people (someone with sensitive skin). It can be caused by contact with chlorine chlorine, or excessive exposure to sunlight.

By rinsing after swimming body, viruses and bacteria that may still be attached to the body lost to the rinse water. Infections of the skin can be caused by fungi (mold) and candida (yeast). Infection caused by a fungus called martomikosis, whereas infections caused by Candida is referred to as candidiasis. Skin diseases are relatively more common in the infants candidiasis, tinea or tinea versicolor while common in older children. Transmission of the disease can be minimized to reduce the infectivity for excessive humidity, especially in children and infants who are obese. How the child should be wiped until dry, even in the folds of her body. Continue reading “Vulnerable Skin Fungus Often Should Swim?”

Regarding the First Immunization Age 4 Months

What are the benefits of immunization? And when it should be given? So that she was mistaken, please refer to the following frequently asked questions …

Why do children need to be immunized?
Because of the age of the children is the age most susceptible to various viruses and diseases, so from an early age, children need to acquire immunity by injection vaccine / immunization, to prevent your child from diseases that may lead to disability and even death.

How does the process itself immune happen?
Basically the person’s immunity is formed in two ways: passive immunity and active immunity. On passive immunity, the body’s own form is not immune. While on active immunity, the body had a role in shaping immunity. Active and passive immunity itself can occur naturally in two ways, namely congenital or acquired from outside.
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Pare … However bitter Efficacious

Because you do not like bitter melon? Try reading the following review, because pare apparently has many benefits for the body.

Pare (Cucurbitaceae) is a vine that grows cucumbers. Pare three people familiar types. First, pare frog with oval shape, slightly rounded short, dark green and very bitter taste. Second, pare gajin large oval shaped, long, light green or whitish and it’s not too bitter. Third, pare forest types are round, small and most bitter taste.

In some countries, especially Japan, Korea and China, bitter melon is used for treatment. Pare the young are used as medicine diabetes, digestive disorders, pep drinks, stimulant laxatives and vomiting. Pare the efficacy of other, phytochemical content of lutein and lycopene are efficacious as anti-cancer, antibiotic, anti-virus, stimulating insulin production, balance blood pressure and blood sugar levels, appetite stimulant, and intestinal worms exterminator

When compared to broccoli, contain high levels of beta-carotene turns pare twice more, beta-carotene are very good to eradicate cancer cells, inhibits heart attack and overcome the viral infection. Pare calcium levels are also quite high so as to increase the production of beta cells in the pancreas to produce insulin. If sufficient insulin, glucose levels increase the likelihood can be prevented so that blood sugar levels to normal or controlled. Continue reading “Pare … However bitter Efficacious”

Ear Thermometers for Use in

This is a pretty sophisticated way in which the temperature is measured eardrum. How it works in determining body temperature is read infrared radiation coming from the eardrum tissue.

Measurement in this way does have some advantages such as the ability to more accurately measure the temperature inside the brain. To note, the actual brain temperature is the most appropriate measure in terms of body temperature measurement. Another advantage is the use of a very short time, about 2 to 3 seconds.

However, the accuracy of the thermometer this model is still questioned by some doctors. In addition, another drawback lies in the price is still enough to drain our pockets.

Because factor measurements especially in children, ear thermometers are not recommended its use in children younger than 3 years.

Role of Antioxidants in the Life

Antioxidants are often referred to as a powerful weapon for various diseases. Why? Because antioxidants can help prevent free radical oxidation processes in the body.

Free radicals are produced as part of the body’s natural defense system and is produced by a variety of chemical processes are quite complex, which takes place in the cells of the body. Habits, such as smoking, alcohol consumption, high-fat diet, sun exposure, and air pollution can cause the body to produce more free radicals again.

Naturally, the body actually has been equipped by antioxidants, but free radical attack from the outside environment causes the amount of free radicals exceeds the antioxidant reserves in the body and will inactivate a variety of enzymes, oxidize fat, and can damage the genetic material. The process is often referred to as a process of oxidation, which is often associated with the aging process and the various types of diseases, such as cancer and heart disease. When the amount of antioxidants in the body decreases, the body needs to stay healthy supply of antioxidants. Some well-known antioxidants, among others, vitamin C, vitamin E, beta carotene, selenium (Se), and cuprum (Cu). Continue reading “Role of Antioxidants in the Life”

Spotting In Baby Blue

On the body of a newborn baby are usually blue-black spots or red. Spotting is called with a birthmark (birthmark). This sign appears due to a set of tiny blood vessels that grow under the skin too much, and almost all can disappear by itself.

The types of birthmarks (birthmark), among others, as follows:

Port Wine stains
These birthmarks are red or pink. This appears as a birthmark caused by enlarged capillaries in the skin.

Strawberry marks
At first, these birthmarks appear as small red dots that are not clearly visible, but grew to be larger when the baby enters its first month.

Mongolian spot
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Vegetables and Fruit Now, nutritional Lower

Vegetables and fruits, which are included in the 10 best food, produced at this time, compared to fruits and vegetables 50 years ago, is estimated to contain fewer nutrients, including also lower in protein, calcium and vitamin C. This may be one reason why today people need to take more vegetables and fruits to meet the body’s nutritional adequacy.

The cause of the decline in the nutritional value of this fruit can be caused by various things. One reason is that farmers now prefer to choose seeds that can give a lot of results, rather than results, but with a little better quality.

Each plant requires energy to be used with a fixed amount of energy. Seed plants that produce results that require much less energy to take minerals from the soil and transported to all parts of the plant to be processed into amino acids (building blocks of protein) and vitamins. This is why minerals and other nutrients, are also less common in fruits and vegetables today.

Research conducted by American and British researchers was conducted by comparing the plant in 1950 and 1999. The research was conducted by comparing the nutritional value of the existing 13 to 39 plants, three pieces of melon and strawberry.

The result is a decline in the number of nutrients vary from, for example, the protein decreased by 6%, while the riboflavin (vitamin B) decreased by 38%. In addition, some plants had the biggest decline in protein such as tomatoes and celery. While the eggplant and tomatoes, the biggest decline for vitamin C.