Determine Skin Color Lipstick Color

Part of the face that is never separated from the plating tool is lip makeup. It should be noted that the lip is one of the sexiest women could find. So lips always look smooth and sexy, even routine maintenance must be done. However, so lips look charming, step to do is to choose the right color.

Often, the problem of women in Indonesia is to choose a lipstick that matches the color of his skin. Sometimes see new colors are blush, the desire to buy it. However, what will be fit when worn? Overcome problems like this with your lipstick choose colors that fit well with your skin, so that the lips will look stunning all day.

White light
It has a bright white color make-up is not meant to be always easy. Sometimes you are too scared or just look like a pale palette. You have light-colored skin, the color of lipstick that you should choose is the plum reds, berry, wine reds, brown, medium light brown, and beige.

If you want to look fresh with the nuances of the color pink, the colors that can be selected is a nude pink, cherry pink, and so forth. Special note for white or light-colored skin, avoid using lipsticks that are too bright so lips do not look too pale. Continue reading “Determine Skin Color Lipstick Color”

Fengshui for Beautify the Bathroom

Bathrooms to be one important element in a home. However, its function as a place of cleansing and disposal or release of energy flow, making the bathroom has a lot of energy Yin is dead, dark and quiet. Therefore, decorate your bathroom it is necessary to maximize the release of energy or negative feelings in the body. So the body is also more fresh and fit.

How? Check out some tips to decorate a bathroom in accordance Fengshui, as quoted from boldsky, following,


The mirror is a positive breath for fengshui showers as it accelerates the flow of energy. Place a mirror on the bathroom wall so you can see yourself while feeling the flow of positive energy that flows smoothly into the body.

Balance the elements Continue reading “Fengshui for Beautify the Bathroom”


Bad mood alias mood certainly was not well experienced by everyone. If it is so, usually a bad mood instantly search for something to make them feel comfortable. One of them might be the food. But unfortunately, when bad moods strike, they do not care about the selected food is healthy or not.

Because the most important thing for them is to feel comfortable with delicious food. The food could be fried chicken, potato chips, and chocolate. When people are in a bad mood they will not passionate about food with a casual look, for that they generally look for fast food or the packaging catches the eye.

It’s bad for our health. But not to worry, eat cuisine that draws the eye to feel comfortable when bad moods can be done by looking for foods that are low in fat and healthy. What foods is it? The following explanation reported by Boldsky.
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Top Reasons For Sharing Your Videos On Social Media

Gone are the days when a video had to be physically delivered on a flash drive to be transferred to someone else’s computer or when the video size had to be compressed to be sent in an email. Internet and most importantly social media now have entirely changed the way we share information. Often those who are new to social networking question the need to share videos on social media. If that’s the case with you too, read on to be convinced of the advantages of video-sharing.

Sharing in Real Time

Social media has made it possible for information to be shared in real time. Nowadays, you do not need to keep tabs on the time for a news bulletin. The live feed on the social networking sites you are on inform you minute-by-minute account of happenings across the globe. Continue reading “Top Reasons For Sharing Your Videos On Social Media”

Skill Variety Women In Beds

Today, most women no longer hesitate in showing their aspirations, especially to matters of sex. Their ability is great in bed, of course, much easier task when the male sex.

Unfortunately, not all women are clearly reveals this extraordinary ability. How to find out what a great woman in bed? Consider the following characteristics, as reported by Men’s Health,

Has the initiative
To choose a place to eat dinner, not infrequently each pair are confused. Therefore, avoid women are passive and just leave it all on the men. Women who know and openly say what he wants, usually more assertive when in bed. Continue reading “Skill Variety Women In Beds”


The cold air in the rainy season tends to make people lazy and prefer to move back lying on the bed and covered with blankets. Whatever feels lazy to move, even to exercise in the morning.

Well, we do not get swamped by rain ya! despite the rain, the sport still goes on. For if we do not exercise in the change of seasons, the body susceptible to diseases and infectious virus. If it rains outside, then you can work out at home. Delicious is not it? no need to go outside in the rain or to the gym, just stay home.

Think of your home as a fitness center with furniture as a tool for sports, such as appliances, towels, chairs, and much more. More specifically, here are some physical exercise movements that can be done at home rainy season Livestrong,

1. Do your own homework Continue reading “FOUR SEASONS SPORTS RAIN AT THE PAS”

Because of the Cigarette, It Changed As Grandpa Voice Robot

Vocal cords is one of the vital tools in our body. Can you imagine what if we live without vocal chords? This is what affects laryngeal cancer patients who have upper respiratory amputated. This will result in the loss Amputation vocal cords.

“This is not a respiratory or acute respiratory infection, this cancer!” Exclaimed Dr. Hakim Sorimuda Pohan, SpOG.

Obstetrician who is active in the organization as the instigators of Tobacco Control Support Center (TCSC) said that active and passive smoking victims sooner or later be affected by cancer.

“One of the immediate effects of smoking are cancers of the upper respiratory tract. Channel breath it should be discarded. Finally air through the stomach and out through osofagus. Following surgery they were sent to Japan to teach in order to talk to the stomach. Every Wednesday at RSCM training, it is efforts so that they are not desperate, “said Dr. Hakim.

Several former laryngeal cancer patients who attended the event on average 50 years old and all boys. Among them look like grandfathers healthy in general, but there is one characteristic that they are a means of her neck.

They were seen using a shirt plus underwear as ‘turtle neck’ to cover the instrument. Others just use the outer cover which is provided from the tool.

Tools such small speakers mounted on the neck, under the chin rather patient, and this is a great tool to talk. With the help of this tool patients can speak again as having the vocal cords, but his voice will sound like a robot and often emits airflow.

The event was also attended by a breast cancer survivor who also had cancer from smoking. He was revealed to have been a victim of cigarettes since young.

“I smoked from age 17 to 59 years, can you imagine? Until in 2007 when I smoke cigarettes I feel incredible sensual flowing through the veins to the left side of my chest. In my heart I said ‘got ya!’. Finally I decided to see a doctor and it’s true I had breast cancer, “said Lakshmi Notokusumo, a dancer who is also the director and writer of poetry in Cancer Information & Support Centre (CISC).

CISC is one institution that was founded in 2003 to provide support for cancer survivors to be able to recover both physically and mentally. Here’s 65-year capital works.

Well, obviously smoking is no longer to be tolerated, but smokers are also not a criminal. Smokers actually just victims or patients who need to be healed.

Wifi mobile phones – A new face of internet connectivity

Mobile internet is already a popular service which mobile phones offer their users. Previously, users could access on the Internet from their mobile phone via GPRS or by plugging their mobile phones with their laptops or PCs via the mobile internet on their laptops and computers. But things have changed phones with Wi-Fi is now a rule of the mobile Internet. Wi-Fi technology has been incorporated as the fastest way to get internet that is already shared by users and now with the introduction of mobile phones with Wi-Fi things to have greater access and better was recognized.

WiFi phones are not only popular with business people who use their office or Internet Wi-Fi network on the phone, but also among young people, a lot of money saved by using access Wi internet to their colleges and hostels on their mobile phones. The Wi-Fi technology as we know it today was invented by IEEE in 1997. In age, wifi technology only in large offices and government buildings are needed because of the cost and logistics past, but decreases as the days and logistics costs, and it does not take long for Wi-Fi to reach into the hands of ordinary people.
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Beautify Home With Carpet Set

Each home reflects the character of the owner. But not forever decor always with the same concept. In order not to get bored, usually the owner beautify office, and among one of the easiest ways is to install carpet. With textures, colors, and patterns of diverse, carpet is an essential element for the arrangement of the house.

With proper arrangement, you can make a house more attractive and beautiful. If you want your home to look unique and far from the standard style, try to consider the four tips that quoted the following from Time Gal.

Choose natural materials
Use rug from natural materials such as hemp fibers, sisal (a plant with large leaves bones, used for making rope), or manila fibers. This type of carpet neutral but has a texture and produce webbing that gives a strong accent decor without making too much, especially if you have enough room filled with vibrant decor. Carpets made from natural can be placed in any room theme or design.

Use as a barrier Continue reading “Beautify Home With Carpet Set”


Maybe you often read or hear the words “I Do not Like Monday”. It could be that the real purpose of the phrase is, I feel like getting out early in the day. Indeed, to ward off sleepiness when you wake up in the morning is not easy. Especially at night, you’ve just slept a little late after a walk with the family or work done for the next day.

To overcome this it is actually very easy. The way to minimize the activity as much as possible at night so as not to feel tired in the morning so that when I wake drowsiness can be quickly lost. There are also other ways that do their morning routine that keeps the body fresh so you better spirit in the morning.

Not only that, reported by Reader’s Digest, there are other things that can become a habit in the morning so that the body feels fresh and not drowsy when leaving for work.

1. Open window blinds
When you want to sleep at night, let the curtains half-open window. Thus, as the sun rises in the morning, the light will hit you, and sends a signal to the brain to slow down the production of melatonin and increases the production of adrenaline. Thus, it becomes a signal that it is time for you to wake up. Continue reading “SPIRIT TO DO THIS MORNING WAKE”