Windows 7: Three tips to make it run faster

Microsoft Windows 7 was released in October 2009 for the public. And it seems that the earlier application or as it is released, that users want to update more. They want to run faster, run smoother, be able to add to this problem, delete, etc. It is therefore not surprising that many are already looking for ways to make Windows 7 run faster.
If this sounds like you want, here’s how to do just that.
Note: The following information is expected from the fact that the run meets minimum hardware requirements for Windows 7. If you have already installed and running, you’re good to go and should have no problems implementing the following steps.
A. Remove unnecessary programs: Although unused programs / useless probably will not crash your system, they can slow down dramatically. Most new software is bloated, as in many applications, many users never to move or never have to use. To remove these. This will free up space.
Second Updated drivers / software: Why is that? To ensure that they are compatible with Windows 7. Although this without using it with this version of Windows, it can slow down a lot. Think of it like this: If you went on a date with someone you really click the conversation flow naturally and probably slightly. But if you on a date with someone you’re not compatible, it doesn t mean that you do not talk, it simply means that the conversation is much more tense – it takes a lot more effort. This is what is happening here. It doesn t mean that your existing software / driver does not work with Windows 7, it simply means that your applications take much more time to have the conversation. So they will be compatible from the start.
Third Troubleshoot Registry: The registry is an integral part of the production function Windows 7 properly. So if he has problems, Windows will have problems. In fact, many technology experts say that this is one of the main themes of the performance with Windows 7. Repair registry problems can be as simple as using a registry cleaning software. This software allows you to do a full scan of your system registry to check for errors and correct them. The best part is that you can not necessarily be a technophobe. It will not only clean to optimize your registry so that Windows 7 runs faster.