Why is New Awesome BlackBerry?

Blackberry was developed in its new avatar as BlackBerry 10, a very capable smartphone that would take the technology market by storm. Essentials improved user interface security and other additional features are something that swears by RIM. Let us learn more about this device and look at the operating system of this smartphone.

Security Essentials

RIM BlackBerry 10 is turned on with a safety function for locking the screen. This feature allows you to save user data and at the same time allow users to add shot-cuts to the Home screen for quick access. For example, appointment, or BBM new messages on the home screen added, you will still be able to access it while the screen is locked. The ability to move the new version of BlackBerry included easy access to operating systems and other features.

New software

The new user interface in the latest BlackBerry 10 as FLOW. The user interface is essential because it is the preparation of the compound between applications using. For example, if you are not interacting with a friend in a while the system will automatically detect and update the last activity. This includes their situation and their social interactions.

Flow is the software which includes proactive pinning frames active on the home screen, which allows to update information in real time. A user can easily check the latest update of a sudden. Another feature called BlackBerry Peek can reduce a viewing box any user. Help an application on other symbols or functions so you’re always in the application and will be able to check the updates of others.


Sensitive, simple and easy to use features are included in the new version of BlackBerry for usability, including stroke. Reveal the BlackBerry, you simply lift. BlackBerry 10 has added a powerful feature, which includes a main inbox. Inbox contains all important elements of communication as well as e-mail, news, Facebook, alerts and more. Press the alarm message and a sidebar appears which contains answers to delete, and action buttons.

New Web browser

An improved version of BlackBerry comes with a new HTML5 browser loaded. This helps in a way that is designed to improve its performance in Chrome Canary. HTML5 is a pleasant experience and navigation to switch between pages easily. In addition, you have the option of sharing time for social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and BBM with a single touch. You can even choose to go for the basic version of HTML for easy navigation.

Camera Function

RIM has not yet announced included the quality of the camera in the latest version of BlackBerry. However, the new camera feature, included as a return, this function allows you to correct errors in a table. This feature allows the detection of a series of images at once will give you the ability to change an image. For example, it captures an image of where your friend blinked when you took the picture, now with the return function to go back to the time when his eyes were open. Thus the rewind function by restoring the right time and allows a help file.

Business and personal balance

RIM has achieved a design feature called BlackBerry Balance. This function allows the provision of a balance between activities and personal data. All information about the company can be kept safe access personal applications. Similarly, the personal information is held separately from the Business Information. For example, you can make your company’s data can not be copied and shared personal applications or in e-mails. Thus business information business network is limited and is held securely by a private access. In addition, you can set a password for corporate and personal data set separately.

RIM has incorporated all the features of the new BlackBerry 10, which is easy to use and added security of a user. For the reasons above, we can say that BlackBerry10 is awesome.