When Little Start Walking

“Eeeh? Son was able to stand up!” mother said in a television ad some time ago.

Indeed, a child’s physical progress will be very happy parents. But of course, you also start to wonder if the growth is not as you would expect. Each child has a different growth stages. As a parent you do not have to worry about the development of Small, round growth is still within reasonable limits. As a comparison, not hurt you to know the stages of development of the first three years of childhood. Because at this age children usually show significant progress in his life. In this age children begin to reveal the physical, intellectual, and personality.

Age 0-3 months

The first days of his birth is a time of adjustment for the baby. His knees were still often seems unhinged, like when he was still in the womb. In this age of daily activities filled with lots of sleep. Once the age of six weeks to three months of age, a significant development. Already started straight leg, with his head slightly raised. He was able to smile back toward the people around him. His hands are capable of holding objects in his hands.

Age 3-6 months

Starting at age 3 months, your baby can lift his head up to 90 degrees. He also was good at lifting the chest. Any item held tend to put in his mouth. If the in-take play, he was able to respond, laughing, screaming and occasional chattering. At the age of six months, he was able to move from a prone position to the supine position. Occasional hand supporting his body, which is in a semi-seated position. was teeth begin to grow, so the ability to chew it had already started to appear.

Age 6-12 months

Entering the age of six months, your baby can sit up unassisted. He was good at his stomach and turned to the supine position. Upon entering the age of ten months, he was able to clap and wave. At the age of 12 months his legs had begun his strong support for walking. He could say the two words.