What is Whey?

Whey is one of the basic ingredients (composition) used in the manufacture of a product. The use of whey in the food industry is now quite extensive. Whey is widely used in products such as baby formula, milk powder, candy, baby food, and also the flavor. One of the goals is to reduce the use of whey production costs.

Whey is a waste from the manufacture of cheese or butter manufacturing waste. Whey is the serum in other words milk, its main components consist of:

Lactose (4-7%)
Protein (0.6 – 1%)
Waste whey around the world can reach about 118 million tonnes per year, of which 66% are in Europe, 25% in the USA, and the remaining 9% left in other countries.

Judging from the critical point halal, whey can be derived from the manufacture of cheese or butter. In cheese making, namely the use of the enzyme rennet and pepsin. While the butter waste, the possible use of gelatin is added as a regulator of texture and softness.

Types of whey there are several kinds, depending on the type of acid or enzymes used in cheese making. Sweet whey from cheese waste using enzymes as its coagulation method, whereas the acid whey obtained from the coagulation method using acid, and the latter is technically a type of whey using acid than lactic acid, such as HCl and sulfuric acid.