Vitamin K Deficiency Cause Osteoarthritis

A study was conducted to determine the relationship between low vitamin K in the blood and increase the risk of osteoarthritis in the hands and feet (a common rheumatoid disorders), particularly in those who have elderly.

May not be known with certainty that vitamin K is a cause of osteoarthritis. However, the researchers believe that the lower levels of vitamin K in the blood, then the prevalence of osteoarthritis will be higher.

Common forms of vitamin K are found in foods is phylloquinone, which is found in green vegetables, cheese, liver, coffee and green tea. In the United States alone, the consumption of vitamin K is still lacking so often happens, several problems related to blood clotting.

It is indeed a new hypothesis stating that vitamin K associated with the risk of osteoarthritis. In animals, there are proteins in the bones and joints that contain vitamin K in the free form. When these proteins are not working as they should be, then the animal will experience bone and joint abnormalities, which resemble osteoarthritis disorders.

Involving more than 650 patients as volunteers, the researchers then tested to determine whether vitamin K deficiency symptoms associated with osteoarthritis and assisted with the observations using X-ray

The results were published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism, which showed that patients with the lowest levels of plasma phylloquinone and assisted with X-ray observations show the presence of large osteophytes and the presence of bone spurs, which is a bit excessive growth of bone and generally occurs in arthritis.