Virus ‘Harlem Shake’ Invading the World

Like the phenomenon of Gangnam Style, excitement Harlem Shake dance in Indonesia is increasingly becoming. Just look at the videos that flooded Youtube. Was first transmitted by the Skate Sunny Coast, the five teenagers from Quesland, Australia.

Harlem Shake own music popularized by a disc Jockey, native Brooklyn, New York, United States, Harry Rodrigues, or whose stage name Beauer. Despite minimal lyrics, this song can make anyone sway.

Historically, Harlem is actually a place name in the New York area, and Shake which means swaying. Harlem Shake first appeared in 1981, beginning with a man named AI B, which swayed when drunk. Interestingly, having seen a lot of people, dancing is even more popular, and even followed.

Harlem Shake Dance is a kind of dance that was popular in the 80’s. The dance relies hip movement and hands simultaneously, forward and backward. This dance inspired dance Eskika from Ethiopia.

The dance has become popular since a lot of the upload in a variety of unique versions. Video is often preceded by one person using a mask, and then dance the Harlem Shake, followed by his friends with a variety of weird and funny movements, for 30 seconds. That makes it more unique dance costume look of the eccentric, the origin of the movement, and the music is just one verse with the lyrics, “Con Los Teroristas … and do the Harlem Shake”.

Rate this video upload tens of thousands of people from around the world, including Indonesia. In fact, because of its popularity, the single Beauer reached No. 1 in U.S. charts, and iTunes, and was number 2 in the iTunes UK and Australia this month.

So, have you swaying Harlem Shake with friends? Wait no more! Immediately turn the song and menggilalah moment with your friends, “Con Los Teroristas … and do the Harlem Shake”.