Using Different Wall Tile Sizes And Shapes In Home Design.

Wall tiles come in many shapes and sizes as do floor tiles and choosing the right combination for your home can sometimes be a little daunting, there are brick shaped wall tiles, larger format tiles and even the very small mosaic tiles and it is possible to use different shapes and sizes in home decoration with dome fantastic results.

The one important aspect is to have a good look around at what is on offer because here are many variations as well as different wall tile materials and choosing wisely and can make a huge difference to the outcome of your kitchen or bathroom design.

Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the home and home owners have to choose wisely to achieve the style they want. In this instance and especially in bathroom areas mosaic tiles make fantastic additions because bathrooms often have lots of smaller and awkward corners and mosaic tiles are great for this. The shower area can also be a smaller area and very often larger tiles and even standard sized wall tiles can overwhelm a small space, using mosaic tiles in a rainbow of colours can really bring the area and bathroom to life.

Mosaic tiles in bathrooms are also great for bath surrounds and even bathroom countertop solutions and they come in many materials such as many natural stone varieties.

The kitchen often has more scope in the way of space and different sizes and shaped wall tiles can be used with great success. The brick shaped wall tile comes in many material variations, colours and styles and home owners can choose from a variety of natural neutral tones or use stronger colours to really add a touch of vibrancy. The backsplash area behind cookers and sinks and the area that starts from the kitchen countertops to cupboard space is often a small space and this is a great area to add a touch of class and colour. If the rest of the bathroom area is neutral, home owners can experiment with rich red wall tiles and stunning black wall tiles.

Glass wall tiles are also great and can be used in small areas or over larger areas depending on the type of style you are looking for. Glass tiles also come in many shapes and sizes as well as fantastic colour variations. Glass mosaic tiles make great border tile solutions to add lots of detailed design or a more subtle elegant feel.