Erratic weather changes alias transition season was sweeping the country. Most disease lurking today is cold. If you’ve got the flu, surely we would lazily move around and shunned for fear of contagion. But do not worry, you can avoid the flu if you regularly eat healthy foods and vitamin. In addition, there are other ways to avoid the flu is not holding his face and diligent hand washing.

Experts warn hand washing is an effective way to prevent infectious diseases like flu. But in order to keep the hands away from the nose and mouth can also provide extra protection against viruses, like the flu. Researchers reveal a person’s unconscious ‘inoculate’ themselves with bacteria and viruses when he touched his mouth and nose with his hands after the hand is holding the contaminated surface.

The reason is the simple act of washing hands could impact outstanding. Wash hands at critical conditions such as before eating, after playing ground, after playing or holding animals before feeding or preparing food and after defecation could reduce the incidence of diarrhea by 50 percent.

Even so, the actual body has an immune system that can offer protection against the disease. However, if the condition of the body is tired or does not fit, then the immune system can not provide the maximum protection that need to be prevention of yourself.

The study was conducted by a team about the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, USA. From the study it was found a few people actually know the risk of touching the face is able to make himself easily and often sick. But sometimes it is done as spontaneous alias unknowingly.

“There are many opportunities for people to contaminate hands. If a deadly respiratory virus is around, then some action must be seriously considered,” said study leader Dr Wladimir Alonso, quoted by the Daily Mail, Monday (03/12).

To prove it, Dr. Alonso and colleagues randomly select 249 participants and found people touching common objects an average of 3.3 times per hour and face 3.6 times per hour. These conditions would facilitate the entry of bacteria or germs from the surrounding environment through hands. “During the flu pandemic, people should be reminded to try and avoid touching your face and wash their hands regularly,” said Dr. Alonso. The results of this study have been published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.

For this reason, step hand washing with soap is an effective and inexpensive way to prevent a variety of diseases including diarrhea and upper respiratory tract infections in severe conditions can cause death.