Tips to Help You Choose the Best Webinars for Your Christian Walk

As a Christian, you need to keep listening to the Holy Word of God so that you can grow in your faith. However, during these pandemic times, things have been different as people aren’t allowed to gather. This means you cannot access a physical meeting of brethren. This does not mean that you should neglect your spiritual growth. Thanks to the people who are offering webinars for Christians. You need to be careful when selecting Christian webinars or you are going to select the ones that can negate your faith. With so many people offering Christian webinars, how do you make sure you pick the best? Make sure you read on for more info.

Make sure you ask around. You are not alone in this journey of salvation but are surrounded by people with whom you share a common faith. Some of them could be using webinars and you can reach out to them to ask which webinars they listen to and what they teach, what time they teach, how long a session takes, and more information that will help you list potential webinars. It is also important that you check reviews. These are left behind by people who have been an audience to these webinars and they will enlighten your decision further.

You need to research the person providing teaching. You need to be sensitive in the Christian walk as feeding on the wrong word can hurt your faith. The person sharing the word is of great importance in you choosing Christian webinars. Do you know the church this teacher pastors? Is he/she known for teaching nothing but the true gospel? Does he/she base his/her teaching on the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ which is the core truth of the Scriptures? You can ask these questions to the people you’re reaching out to for recommendations or by checking on the website of the church this teacher pastors. You can also establish these aspects by looking into which theology school the teacher attended and what on what the school is founded on. Although spiritual matters do not function as other fields of life, it is important that the teacher has been teaching the Word of God for years as this assures that they have studied the word over and over again hence being deeply rooted in whatever they teach and having the revelation that a teacher who has just started is yet to find.

It is also necessary that you look at the duration of the webinars. Before you settle on any Christian webinar, it is good to consider time elements to make sure you choose the ones that match your time. Knowing when and for how long the webinars last will help you make some adjustments if need be hence avoiding interruptions that could hinder you from concentrating on what is being taught. Also, check the website of a potential webinar. This will let you know what they believe in. Also, you’ll be able to access more materials to help your spiritual growth.

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