Tips to Increase Your Wi-Fi Internet connection speed

Almost all people who use computers require Internet access to online networks or search engines, etc. Also, if your PC is in a fixed position, when a LAN connection is usually used. However, if you have a laptop, notebook and netbook, when a wireless connection is often assumed to connect the network. Wireless connection online are generally slow and unreliable, especially when the wireless router is quite far from your computer.
Wireless transmission of power to the router is reduced by all types of metals, or in the vicinity between the antenna and the receiver WI-FI. Can reduce before a location for the router, the hunt for all metal parts or inventions transmission. A large mirror as a metal object act, mainly because it has a silver backing. Some users on the back or on top of the set from a computer, do not do it from the PC with a metal housing and leaks digital electronic interference that may also interact with the broadcast.
You should never use the wireless router near microwave ovens, cordless phones and other issuers, especially when operating at 2.4 GHz because of it. Frequency used most WiFi networks In addition, when the parameter configuration cue, another station relative to that established as a standard. This will ensure that you do not have sources on the same channel as others nearby. When checking the configuration, so that the power transfer to the maximum, and the type of wireless transmission is set to 802-11N, 802-11G-11A or 802 is set, as there should be greater distance.
If after taking all the above suggestions, the signal strength is still too low, check the installation of a Wi-Fi Booster, which can improve the signal transmitted by the distance. Alternatively, you might want to give it a try with aluminum foil on the back of the antenna, as it reflects the signal in the direction of the portable computer system. This can certainly improve the signal, but you will probably need to experiment with the curve and the angle of the film for the best results.
LAN cable connection must always carry with 100Mbps but 802-802 11A and 11G have a maximum theoretical yield of 54 Mbps, but is almost never more than 25 Mbps. The last 802-11N-mode can operate at about 100 Mbps, while I thank you for electrical interference, because it merges two stations. Improve as electronics super-fast and reliable WiFi router can to improve network speeds of data transmission than today’s LAN connection.
Almost all everyone, laptop and netbook want the convenience of a Wi-Fi network, but are not satisfied with the speed and stability of the results. LAN connection is always more reliable, faster Internet connection. It is not always essential if you are currently using online communities and e-mails, but if you watch streaming videos, while a wired network connection is required by design.